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How to Move a Fish Tank in 8 Steps

Moving is indeed a task which should be done with the right expertise and proper skills, moving a fish tank one of the complex moving tax. You can’t just unplug the button and move it in one go, proper planning is required or else you will risk the life of your fishes. With some thorough planning, you can make the process much simpler on yourself, and make sure your fish stay comfortable during the move processing.  

So the steps involved in the process of moving the fish tank are explained below:
Before the move:

Assemble the necessary stocks

Before you commence the move, make certain that you have all the equipment you’ll need. Organizing the whole thing at the beginning would be a bit too tough but once everything is arranged you won’t have to bother about struggling to find things when you’re in the middle of a move. Here are a few things you would be needing: A fishnet, Large (5 gallon) buckets (make sure these are new or very well cleaned), Siphon hose, Plastic baggies, Duct tape, Bubble wrap.

Get your fish set to move

You should stop feeding your fish 24-48 hours before moving day so you can be sure all their scrap has transferred before you move them. 

People with smaller fish can do this move in an hour away, you can put them into plastic baggies along with some water from the tank and keep it in a cool dry place and the people with larger fish should move them in big buckets. Make sure the buckets are clear and haven’t been used to store any harsh elements. Fill the buckets with water from the container and then add in your fish, and only add 3-4 fish per bucket. 

Clean and drain the tank

Cleaning the tank before the move is one of the essential tasks to do, so firstly you have to unplug everything, and then thoroughly extract all the plants and accessories. Pack the flowers in a container with water from the tank. The decor and accessories in the tank should also be, cleaned and dried before the move, then thoroughly pack them with foam wrap and paper. Thoroughly separate and pack up all the stuff, including the light, pump, and heater. Also, be careful to damp and pack the filter and pack it in a sealed container. 

Pack and, move the aquarium  

Separate the lid and stuff this individually, covered in foam wrap. It’s the soundest way to arrange your tank in a box if you can get one large enough. Put the container in the box, using insulating foam to cover in any encompassing around the tank to protect it from moving nearby. Also, it is always best if you can move the tank and fish in your own transport, for extra safety. If you can’t fit the tank in your car, then make certain your long distance movers know that your tank is very delicate and should be dealt with extra care.

Your fishes are a part of your family and moving them with utmost care is your prime responsibility. So, use these tips and move your fishes along with you to the new home.
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