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5 Yoga Poses for a Stronger Healthy Spine

As we all know yoga has always been the best way to maintain our bodies. Because of the present lifestyle, people are very much likely to get back problems these days.  So you might be pondering what are the best ways to stay fit in today's world?

This is the exact place where you are going to get answers to all your questions. Now, let me introduce you to the best 5 yoga poses for a stronger healthy spine.

First one in our list is Half wheel pose ( ardhachakrasana):

To look exactly like the person in the image

So you start it with lying down on the floor towards your back then bend your knees. Now slowly move it towards your hips. Now put your hands at the side of your head pointing fingers towards your feet. Now while inhaling slowly raise your belly taking the support of your hands and feet. Put the crown of your head on the mat. Now exhale and come down slowly. It is a very good Exercise for your lower back.

Our next aasan is Bhujang aasan (cobra pose):

you can see the position in the above image.

Start it with lying down on the floor with your stomach facing the ground. straighten your legs. Now put your palm on the floor just beneath your shoulders. Put your hand on the floor your elbows should be facing the sky. Now slowly inhale and start rising your head towards your lower back. Do not put excessive pressure on your hands. Stretch till your elbows are completely straight. be in this position for approx 20-30 seconds also try and keep your breathing normal. This position is very helpful in stretching your back along with that is is very beneficial to people with trough issues.

 katichakrasana(circular rotation of waist):

As you can see in the image

Place your feet firmly on the floor as you breathe in bring your arms in front of you take a full breath in. Now exhale while twisting on to your right look back over the right shoulder. Keep your feet firmly on the floor and keep breathing. As you breathe in while twisting back to the center.  Now exhale while twisting to your left side again looks back over your left shoulder. Keep the palms facing each other. Now as you breathe in, come back to the center. As you exhale release the stretch bring the arm down.

Salabhasana (Locust Pose):

To make the position depicted in the above image.

Lie down on your abdomen, stretch your hands forward your legs out. Let your body feel like someone is pulling your hands forward and legs backward. Stretch nicely now while inhaling lift your right leg and left hand up. Gently lift your head up to look at the ceiling. Stay in this position for five to six breaths. Now exhale down and repeat it with the other side as well.

Last but not least Dhanurasana (Floor Bow):

To make the above position.

Lie flat on the stomach, put your legs and feet together bends your knees and hold to the ankles of your feet. Move slowly and with control. While you inhale arch the back, lifting the thighs, chest, and head together. As you exhale lift your gaze and keep your feet up. Mildly bring your heals close to your head and breadth. Balance on your stomach and with an exhalation come down. Lower the legs, chest and head.

Now as you know all the best ways to keep your spine perfect and healthy. You can embed these in your daily life but still, yoga with improper instructions is the worst thing that you can ever do to your body that is why I would suggest you go and join some proper yoga classes. One of the best centers of yoga teacher training is in Rishikesh.
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