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Trimming down the risk of blood pressure

Blood pressure is a medical condition where remedial action is warranted at the earliest. Though ayurvedic treatment for raynaud’s might give you remedial course of treatment, there are some home remedies that can be advocated at your own end. They are as follows

Cut down on your addiction to nicotine

For every cigarette smoker, after every puff of smoker your blood pressure increases for a few seconds. In case if you happen to be a chain smoker the blood pressure can become elevated for prolonged periods of time. Chain smokers are at an increased risk of blood pressure and even heart attack.

For a passive smoker the risk of blood pressure and heart disease is also high. In addition to various health benefits cutting down on smoking would enable your blood pressure in returning to normal. Do get in touch with various health care centres to gain valuable insights on how to cut down on smoking.

Trim down your alcohol consumption

To drink a glass of red wine with your dinner warrants no harm. For a health heart benefits might emerge if you undertake it a moderate level. On consumption of excess amount of alcohol it can lead to various health issues. On excessive consumption of alcohol the effectiveness of certain type of medicines might be reduced.

Now the question is what would drink alcohol in moderation mean? It suggests that you limit your alcohol drinks to a couple daily. In case of women it is one alcohol drink a day and Raynaud’s ayurvedic treatment validates this opinion.

Say goodbye to stress

The world that all of us are part of high paced demands. Take time to slow down and relax. Do take a gap from your daily responsibilities that will slow down your blood pressure.

Excessive stress could lead to a temporary rise of blood pressure. On too much of it can keep your blood pressure elevated for prolonged periods of time.

Clearly identify the cause of your stress. It could be your finances, stress or even your job. The moment you are aware of the causes of stress you can work your way around in dealing with the problem.

A suggestion would be to reduce stress in a healthy way. Practice yoga or take a few deep breaths.
Are there any risks of high blood pressure?

If left untreated blood pressure can pose various health issues. This can lead to serious health conditions like kidney damage, stroke or even heart attack. On regular visits to your doctor it can help to cut down occurrence of blood pressure.

Any levels of blood pressure above 130/80 are on the higher side. In case if you are recently detected with high blood pressure the doctor will work towards rectifying it. As part of the treatment plan it would include medications, changes to your diet and a serious of steps would be taken to drop it down. Even a combination of therapies would be suggested.
The series of steps would reduce your blood pressure.
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