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Top 7 Tricks to Make Your Botox Treatment Look More Natural

So many people turn to Botox treatment when they are dealing with aging issues such as wrinkling, frown lines, and circles around the eyes. All they want is to look youthful and pretty. While Botox treatments are known to facilitate this, not everyone gets what they want. You probably have seen it on TV people, even celebrities, who are looking dreadful after Botox. Such images can be scary if you are considering Botox for the first time. The good news is that there are tricks to use to achieve a more natural look after the injection:

.      Pick a Certified Surgeon

Only a certified cosmetic surgeon can guarantee the best results for Botox. So, you shouldn’t compromise this just because someone somewhere is charging you cheaply. In addition to certification, you should also consider extensive experience and reputation. They all count.

.      Start Small

Often, a higher dose of Botox is the reason why so many procedures go bad. If you are trying it for the first time, you should consider asking for a light dose. Once this is successful, then you can go for a moderate dosage.

.      Consider Preventive Botox

You generally eat healthy so that you can avoid diseases. Similarly, you exercise to prevent weight gain. So, what prevents you from doing Botox to avoid wrinkles? As a matter of fact, you stand to have a more natural look when you do Botox when the aging signs start to show up than when the signs are fully manifested.

.      Know Where to Treat

The secret to having desirable Botox results is treating the right areas. For example, you are likely to look more natural if you do Botox on the forehead than when you do it around the eyes. So, it makes sense to first clear wrinkles from your forehead before addressing the circles around your eyes.

.      Be Calm

The Botox injection needs not to be disturbed when being administered. This is because the toxin may end up in the wrong parts of the body and this may lead to a frightening look. So, you have to stay calm when the injection is administered and you should neither massage nor touch the treated part until the toxin settles.

.      Open Up

You have to open up about your medical history. If you have any blood-related condition, you should let the surgeon know so as to prevent possible complications. You also need to share the details of any blood thinning medication that you are using as it may be a cause of bruising.

.      Observe Aftercare Best Practices

Lastly, you have to follow the instructions of the surgeon when you get home. For example, you have to abstain from alcohol as it may cause excessive dehydration and drying of the skin. Likewise, you have to keep off makeup as it may interfere with the performance of the toxin.
So often, it’s what you do before or after a Botox injection that determines the effects of the procedure. If you want to enjoy a natural look, then you have to use the right tricks. As a beginner, you’ll find the above tricks resourceful.
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