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The Pros and Cons of Undertaking Plastic Surgery

The role of plastic surgery procedure is to restore or reshape your body form. However, the term is mostly associated because people doing the procedure always aim to beautification and therefore called beautification procedures. However, it is a broad of practical operations that includes burn treatment, craniofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery and many more.

It will matter with the motivation and therefore the decision that one should go for plastic surgery have to be made lightly. So, an individual has to view the risks and rewards associated with the procedures.

Pros of Plastic Surgery

Health And Quality Life

For certain cases, you will find that plastic surgery will yield distinctive improvements in quality life. It is something that applies to people having surgeries that are deemed medically.

For example, a person will improve their eyesight and vision after passing through a surgical procedure where their eyelid is lifted and therefore helping to remove that hooded portion found in their eyelid. It is something that brings joy into their life.


Plastic surgery is beneficial to many people. For those people who have undergone the surgery and succeeded, it helps them to increase confidence and self-esteem. Besides, there are some studies that indicate that physical attractiveness will correlate with professional success like promotions, decisions, and salary. It means that success in life is able to receive favorable treatment even in retail establishments and restaurants. In case one will need to work in a youth-driven industry, then plastic surgery will help to boon their career.

For most people, having successful plastic surgery will lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Its something that makes people smile again after getting the results they wanted. It is therefore essential to practice plastic surgery. For example, having your buck-tooth removed, it will give you the confidence in smiling again.

Cons of Plastic Surgery

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The reason why people undertake plastic surgery is to help them fix their perceived flaw. So, people think that when they are able to fix it, it would be more beautiful. In case people perceive imperfections, they will end up suffering from body dysmorphic disorder. It is a psychological disorder that is characterized by obsessive fixations. It is something that affects both men and women.

However, you might find others going several plastic surgeries and yet don’t end up becoming happy with the results. They end up having negative emotions that affect the way they live.

Health Risks

It is similar to any other surgery and therefore carries its own health risks depending on the type of procedure. Some people who undertake the surgeries end up having scars and disfigurement. However, the risks are rare but they are real.

Moreover, it will depend on the type of procedure that you take because each bears its own risks. Even though, some are common to all surgeries and include infection, tissues death, blood clot, anesthesia risks, delayed healing, need for secondary changes and pneumonia.
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