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IVF treatment - for those who dream of having a baby

What is the total cost of IVF in India?

Having a baby is the dream of every parent. Many are having different complications to have a baby. For some married couples it will take years to have a baby and for many it's complicated. InVito fertilization known as IVF treatment is the common treatment done by many couples.

There are many IVF treatment center in India. It is the new method of having baby. Many parents how has the dream of having a baby can be completed with this method. IVF treatment will work based on medicines and surgical treatment. The sperm will be taken and with the help of the sperm the we will fertilize the egg and the fertilized egg will be implanted into uterus.IVF treatment is somewhat painful but can overcome it with a successful report. One-time IVF treatment can’t make a woman pregnant.

 IVF treatment is the successful method to get pregnant.In India many have undergone IVF treatment.It will take at least three to five weeks to fertilize the egg and to be pregnant.For almost eight to the days a person should take IVF injection. Chances of getting twins in IVF treatment is unpredictabl.IN many places peoples have got twins and in one place they have got triplets from IVF treatment will take only 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Having a baby is the dream of a father and mother. The IVF treatment cost in India will vary from USD 3500. The time period of the treatment is about three to five months and will have to undergo treatment at least 3 to 4 times. The treatment will take about 15 min in one cycle. If you need any additional treatment or any care the rate will vary upon it.

What is the IVF process step by step?

The treatment starts from the day one of your periods. Usually your body will produce only one egg per month, the person will undergo medication for a period of eight to ten days to produce more egg. Then the egg will be collected from your ovaries and in this procedure, u will be asked to step for about 20 to 30 minutes.

 The average no of egg collected will be 8 to 15 eggs. If the couples need fresh sperm, then the sperm will be collected in the morning or if they need donor sperm then the scientist will make some arrangements to store the sperm in lab. The next will be the fertility method. The doctor or the scientist will use a powerful microscope to separate the egg from the fluids. The egg can’t be seen from our naked eyes so we will be using a microscope.

The separate egg and collected sperm will be placed on a dish and the fertilization process starts. When the sperm fertilizes the egg, it will become aembryo. And it will be transferred into an incubator and will observe the full growth of it for almost 5 to 6 days. After the fertilization the embryo will be places in your uterus with the help of specialized doctors and the embryo after placing will not fall down while walking or going to toilet. And at last after two weeks from your embryo transfer you need to undergo a blood test to make sure your pregnant or not. This is the procedure being done in IVF treatment.

What are the main advantages of having IVF treatment

        It is better than other fertility treatment
       The person can donate her eggs and his sperm to another person
        In can be used in any body
       You can have our baby at any time
       It will help you to get a chance of getting healthy baby
       It will decrease the chances of miscarriage
        For a women’s healthy pregnancy, we can have this method

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