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How to Remove External Haemorrhoids with Laser Piles Surgery?

Haemorrhoids or piles are of two types – internal and external Haemorrhoids. As the name suggest, the internal haemorrhoids are grown inside your anal canal, while the external piles are occurred outside your anal verge. The external haemorrhoids found outside anus is characterized by severe pain, itchiness, swelling and irritation. The inner tissues which protrude and bulge outside is referred as external haemorrhoids, but in some cases the internal haemorrhoids in their worst condition grow up terribly and protrudes outside the anal canal and it is medically termed as prolapsed internal haemorrhoids. There are different types of external Piles Treatment options, of which the most common and popular is the Laser Piles Surgery.
The initial stage of piles can be treated with non survival procedures, but when the condition progresses to grade 2 or grade 3 you need advanced haemorrhoids Treatment like laser surgery. The Laser Piles Treatment is considered to be the safest option to treating haemorrhoids and it has faster recovery too. It is applicable for all types of haemorrhoids including internal and external haemorrhoids.

How External Haemorrhoids is Removed with Laser Piles Surgery?

In most of the neglected cases of grade 2 and grade 3 piles Laser Piles Surgery is prescribed to remove the external haemorrhoids. The surgery is performed using the LHP methods. This is the laser method that comprises in cauterizing the Haemorrhoids which are prolapsed already. The haemorrhoid is punctured using a thin needle and then cauterized inside with the use of the laser beam. Then the haemorrhoid is sintered carefully and erodes it. The haemorrhoids treatment is offered under general anaesthesia and it takes merely 30 minutes to heal.
The Diode Laser lasses a fibber through the natural opening of anal and the laser energy is then applied to the haemorrhoidal mass. It ensures that the emission of laser energy is reached the sub-mucosal areas and this ensures to make the haemorrhoidal mass to shrink on its own. Moreover, the fibrotic reconstruction creates new connective tissues and cells to ensure that the mucosa is attached perfectly to the underlying tissue. This ensures that the prolapse never occurs again. The doctors also ensure that no foreign materials are left behind post surgery and make sure it heals quickly. This is how the Laser Piles Surgery is done to remove the external haemorrhoid.

How Effective is Laser Piles Surgery for Removing External Haemorrhoids?

Well, when it comes to compared different surgical procedures for removing external haemorrhoid, Laser Treatment is always considered to be effective for a variety of good reasons. Apart from providing patients with less invasive options, it also delivers faster recovery. There are no cuts or incisions required for performing the laser surgery for removal of external haemorrhoid. The post surgery period is also very effective as compared to the other surgical procedures for removing external haemorrhoid. It only causes negligible irritation or burning which alleviate on the own within 2-4 days post surgery. The interesting part is that the Laser Piles Surgery requires very less amount of time for recovery. Patients are discharged from the hospital within 24 hours of surgery. They can resume to their daily activities immediately and hence there is no need of hampering your office job. The patients also don’t have to experience any urgency or feeling of having to rush to toilet post surgery.
The Laser Piles Treatment is very effective for removal of the external haemorrhoid without any risk of rectal stenosis. The surrounding tissues of your rectum and anus are not harmed or damaged during the surgery and there is no risk involved in the process. The surgical process required no special preparations before the surgery. Since there is no incision or cut, you are not likely to experience any blood loss during the process. The surgery is performed by cauterizing the haemorrhoid tissue with laser beam and this prevents any loss of blood or bleeding during the surgery. This is the reason why the Laser Piles Surgery is considered effective, safe and convenient for the outpatients who need immediate treatment for piles or haemorrhoids.


It is necessary for all patients to seek early assistance from qualified doctor to get rid of haemorrhoids as early as possible before the condition worsens. Piles are very irritating and painful conditions and hence it needs to be addressed timely. Until it is in the advanced phase, you can control the conditions effectively with medications and home remedies. But for the advanced grade types of piles nothing can do wonders than Laser Piles Surgery. However, it is necessary that you hire the qualified and trained proctologist to offer you with best Laser Treatment for external haemorrhoid removal. Check for the overall cost of the surgery and ensure that you are getting the best treatment from qualified proctologist that serving in the field for years.                                        
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