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How Catheters are Saving Lives

What is a microcatheter?

A microcatheter can be used for surgical procedures. Durable microcatheters are used to infuse medication into the body, whether it is insulin or something else. Catheters can be modified for a variety of purposes such as for use with the heart or the circulation system. These catheters are a type of tube that is inserted into various parts of the body. The durable microcatheter is left inside the body is a flexible tube that does not actually leave a sensation of pain in the location it has been inserted.

Types of Microcatheters

When you are using durable microcatheters, it would seem that the urinary catheter is the most common one. The urinary catheter is designed to drain urine from inside the skin. Other catheters can be used to drain fluid from an abdominal abscess for example. There are many different types of durable microcatheter used various purposes. An embryo transfer, for example, is designed to insert fertilized embryos from pre-fertilized eggs using in-vitro fertilization into the uterus. Some catheter types are used to deliver anesthesia or breathable oxygen. 

Other Uses for Microcatheters

microcatheters are used as an umbilical line when a child is born prematurely. The neonatal intensive care unit needs to provide quick access to the central circulation of premature infants. There are ways of attaching catheters to other devices, most often used with a Tuohy-Borst adapter medical device. An intrauterine catheter comes from a device called a “tomcat” where washed sperm is inserted directly into the uterus, used in artificial insemination. Urinary catheters are used to drain the bladder in cases of urinary incontinence. The catheter is inserted into the urethra in either men or women. Women have to worry about pulling apart the labia while pushing the catheter three inches into the urethra until the urine comes out.

Urinary Catheters

Urinary retention involves not being able to empty your bladder when you need to, although surgery on the prostate is occasionally warranted which causes a need to use a catheter. There are various health problems that make it hard to urinate and these are multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, or dementia. 3 main types of catheters are the indwelling catheter, the condom catheter, and the intermittent self-catheter. Indwelling catheters are simply tubes left inside the bladder, which collects urine into a bag. The bag has a valve that makes urine flow into the bag. Condom catheters get placed onto the penis, hence the term "condom." Urinary catheters are inserted into the urethra, with the bag secured into your leg. The urethra is a tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body, allowing it to be captured into a bag. These sorts of catheters have a small balloon inflated at the end of it.

Other catheters for blood pressure can be used to improve coronary blood flow. Catheters for blood pressure can be delivered to peripheral vessels, like the carotid and femoral arteries that are used in routine monitoring. Catheters have a variety of uses in modern times because they are instrumental in helping to treat various chronic illnesses. Catheters do play a huge role in saving people’s lives.
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