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Clef lip surgery offer normal appearance with a minimal scarring

What is clef lip?

Clef lip is a disorder seen in face. It will be caused for one in eight hundred. It is easy recovery thing by doing surgery. There are different types of cleft

       One side(unilateral)
       Both sides(bilateral)
       Incomplete ( only a part of a lip)
        Complete (which can be in the entire lip )
        Complete cleft lip and palate
The kids who are having this cleft on their face will look different but they are normal in all other ways. The Cleft lip is the opening on the upper lip, it may be in the middle, left or right side of the lip. It is the opening between the bony front portion of the roof of the mouth and the muscular non-bony region in the rear of the roof of the mouth and can be easily said as opening between the hard plate and the soft plate. Clift will occur on a baby face when the tissues in the face and mouth don’t fuse properly. The researchers have proved that the cleft lip is caused due to the environmental factors and interaction of genetic. Cleft lip is the most common defect seen in the new born babies.When we see our baby with clef lip ,it will definitely upset us, but cleft lip can be corrected. A normal surgery can be done to make the baby look normal and to get a normal appearance with minimal scarring. The main difficulties of cleft lip are

        Difficulty in feeding
       Nasal speaking voice
       Chronic ear infection
        Difficulty in swallowing, which has a chance of food or liquid coming out of nose
Cleft lip treatment cost in India is comparatively less . There are two types of category they are with health insurance and without health insurance. Normally the rate in India is between the range of USD 220 to USD 3000.The patient will be asked to stay in the hospital for five days from the date of admit and he or she has to come for check up on eight day from the day of surgery.

What are the causes, prevention and treatment for cleft lip?

The main cause for the cleft lip case is unknown but sometimes the hereditary will play a small role. Why it was said that it has hereditary because doctors have observed that at least they have seen two or three children from same family of distant relation with a same or similar condition.Cleft lip can be detected before the baby is born using ultrasound which reveals the symptoms. The treatment plan can be done before the baby is born. The main causes of cleft are

         Most sporadic

                        -Family history
                        -Van der Woude Syndrome
                        -Stickler syndrome


In the cleft caring team, we will be having plastic surgery, ENT, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Nursing, Speech and Genetic. The main problem the baby will be facing will be feeding. The baby will be not able to create a suction by himself and can be said as inability to breastfeed. To avoid this problem, we need to use specialized bottle for the babies.

Many researchers have found that the women who are taking folic acid early means before pregnancy time can avoid to prevent the chances of having cleft lip. Cleft lip will not be threatening to a baby’s life because they can be cured. Only they will be having problem in speech, feeding and hearing.

The surgery will be taking place for two to six hours, depending on the type of cleft lip, cleft lip surgery will be normally done by four to six months of age. Most of the children will come to a normal life of about three to four days from their surgery. The children are in need to wear padded arm restraints for about one to two weeks after surgery to avoid rubbing around the surgery area.
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