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Benefits of Celery Juice Recipes

Before we lose you in the title, there are a lot of benefits to Celery and we're here to help you get more out of it by putting it in juice form. So without further ado, Here are a couple of Celery recipes for you to try to get more out of life with some added benefits included so you know what exactly you're getting in these drinks and juices.

First up is Popeye Juice, ingredients include; Celery (Naturally, this one will appear in every recipe), Medium Apples, and Spinach, which has a lot of nutrients that are good for you, helps protect you from harmful diseases and makes you stronger all around. This drink is filled with all the good acids and irons to make your skin and body healthier.

Did you know that Celery Juice can help lower blood pressure and has a ton of vitamins? Say goodbye to vitamin supplements with this drink.

Next, in line, we have Ginger Celery Juice, ingredients include in this one; Celery (Told you, this one was going to come up in every recipe, sorry.), Cucumber, a Large Green Apple, Some Lemon, and well, Ginger. This drink is also high in nutrients, the cucumber alone offers a lot of water to hydrate you and could help lower blood sugar. The Ginger will help if you're feeling nauseous that morning and don't feel like drinking your regular Celery Juice and can help with muscle pain if you just aren't feeling too great physically that morning.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away? Did you know that Celery Juice can help prevent Cancer? Sounds like we should change Apple to Celery. The juice can help prevent tumor cells from growing.

Are you ready for more fun facts and benefits? Here we go!

It can also help with digestive issues, celery contains a lot of fiber.

Celery Juice can help you lose weight, drinking this can help you feel fuller and it's super low on calories which for you, equals weight loss.

Now for the next recipe! Carrot, Apples and, can you guess? Celery! This one has the same benefits from before except we're trading out our third, random, ingredient with a carrot. Carrots also contain fiber, vitamins, help with weight loss and are good for your eyesight, so that's a plus. You can't say no to having better eyes.

Another drink you could try is Kale, Apples, Celery, and Cucumber. Kale's benefits are, it contains the most nutrients out of all the other vegetables. It's loaded with antioxidants, it helps lower cholesterol which could help prevent heart disease, and among other things, it can also help you lose weight and it can help protect your eyes.

How about some more benefits as a whole?

Do you suffer from Insomnia? Not for long. The Magnesium and oils in Celery juice can help soothe you and help you relax at the end of the day to get a full nights rest.

Another noteworthy fact, Celery Juice is much better for your skin than any of the synthetic beauty treatments you can buy from the store, how you not be on board now? You have to love the idea of healthier skin without all the creams.

So not only is this drink helpful for your outsides like your skin and weight, if you're looking to lose it, it's so good for your insides. You're giving your body what it needs and deserves. You work hard and your body does too. Go ahead, give it a shot, you can only gain from this experience.
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