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Trilastin-SR - Stretch Mark Cream

Trilastin-SR is an innovative and effective new treatment for over stretched skin. This new cream is an updated and improved version of the current product Trilastin, which was first made famous by the model and TV star Tyra Banks, works to repair the damage caused by stretching. Trialstin-SR reassures that you will see a remarkable reduction in the signs of stretch marks, scarring and skin discoloration within a month of use. It also works to protect the skin from further damage by improving the elasticity and resilience of the skin.

How Does it Work?

Elastin and collagen are vital protein needed by the skin to retain its structure and health, and are both present in the Trialstin-SR cream. Collagen helps to connect skin cells and bind them together creating a firm surface while elastin works to improve the elasticity of the skin. Production of both of these compounds within the body begins to reduce as we get older and the skin naturally becomes looser and more pliable later in life. Trilastin-SR contains these elements which help to prevent stretch marks from occurring and can also help to rejuvenate the skin and reduce signs of stretch marks which are already present. As well as these two compounds, Trilastin-SR also contains soy which is a complete protein contain all of the 8 different amino acids. This is essential in helping to synthesise new proteins and keep the cells healthy and improve the energy and gathering of the skin.

As well as the natural elements that are contained in the new Trialstin-SR cream, there are various different innovative technological ideas included in the treatment. FillingSpheres technology helps to fill the gaps and grooves which are created causing wrinkles and stretch marks. By placing deposits of collagen microspheres into these furrows, the cream is able to make stretch marks less visible by reducing their length and depth. Another technology which is used in the Trialstin-SR treatment is called ‘Virtual Patch’ which is a kind of micro mesh that helps to promote the collagen absorption just below the epidermal layer. This uses proteins to create a skin patch which helps to prevent dehydration and dryness of the skin. Together, these technological advances help to increase the regeneration of skin cells and create a smoother look to the skin.

Advantages of Trilastin-SR

  • Higher Concentration than the original
  • Can be beneficial to people of all skin types, colors and tones.
  • Works fast to deliver quick and noticeable results
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • No side effects – this treatment is non-greasy, unscented and hypoallergenic and has been approved for use by pregnant and lactating women.
Disadvantages of Trilastin-SR

  • Only available online
  • Application is required 2-3 times daily
  • A little more expensive than regular stretch mark creams
Trilastin-SR is generally considered to be one of the top rated treatments for stretch marks prevention and repair in the market today. Anyone who has stretch marks, no matter the length of time the marks have been there, and whether a result of pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain or generally gaining will find that the results of the Trilastin-SR cream are brilliant and can be experienced by people of all ages, sex, and race.
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