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The Different Variants in Medical Treatments for Fighting Against Back Pain

If your back hurts, analgesics and glucocorticoid hormone injections will be of great help: intramuscular, intravenous, and performed as blockades.Injections, blockades, carried out only in the conditions of professional medical institutions, are connected with the directed impact on the source of pain, their task is to intercept and suppress the transmission of pain impulse from the place of injury to the brain.

Therapeutic Blockade

The introduction of the drug directly into the pathological focus is more effective than other methods of drug exposure, and has a longer therapeutic effect.Novocainic and lidocaine injections are made in the trigger points, they lead to muscle relaxation, restoration of their tone.

Paravertebral conducted close to the spine blockade is administered in cases of spinal diseases, including those associated with neurological disorders. Such injections are made intracutaneously, subcutaneously, muscularly, and also through a catheter into the intervertebral space. Naturally, we need high professionalism of doctors for safety and to achieve the greatest effectiveness of such injections. With a sneak a peek here you can have the best options here.

All types of injections for back pain are performed in high-quality rehabilitation centers, which offer their clients a variety of rehabilitation programs. Here you can undergo a course of recovery after any illness of the disease.

Injuries, severe diseases of the internal organs or the spine, back muscles, even after treatment, can leave a strong back pain and spasms. Specialists of rehabilitation centers select an individual program for recovery after spinal injuries, diseases of the spinal cord, osteochondrosis, surgical treatment of vertebral hernia and other diseases for each individual who applies. In addition to pricks for back pain, the program includes drug therapy work with a neurologist and a psychologist, physical therapy and massage, physiotherapy and reflexology, as well as other modern and successful methods of treatment and recovery for back pain.

Physiotherapy and Its Various Methods

Drug electrophoresis is based on the introduction into the body of medicinal substances using small electrical impulses. This treatment helps to relieve back pain for a long time, as the drugs absorbed with the help of electric current have a longer lasting effect on the body.

Phonophoresis is also one of the alternative methods of administering drugs, in this case, by exposure to ultrasound. The drug is absorbed into the capillaries, due to which it acts more purposefully and effectively.

Laser Therapy

The use of infrared, red and ultraviolet light beams brings relief from pain, reduces inflammation and swelling. Laser therapy is effective in the treatment of many diseases of the spine causing dorsalgia: osteochondrosis, arthrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia.

Magnetic therapy is useful in many diseases of the body a low-frequency magnetic field affects the cellular level, produces favorable changes: relieves pain and inflammation, restores mobility, and reduces puffiness.

Therapeutic physical training, massage is another, no less effective, side of physiotherapy. These methods invariably accompany the treatment of back pain due to diseases of the spine and back muscles, and are also a good means of rehabilitation after injuries. Independent choice of physical exercises and their improper performance can greatly harm the patienttherefore such treatment should be prescribed by a specialist, and should be conducted under the strict guidance of a qualified trainer.
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