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Simple steps to gain weight faster

Overweight is not the only weight issue that the world is facing, underweight is one of the major problems many people are not eating a lot but not getting it into their bodies.

A person having a BMI (body mass index) below 18.5 considered to be underweight, we have come up with some solution to how to put on weight fast which will not only help you to gain weight but in a healthy manner so gaining is not paining anymore.

        Increase number of meals per day: binging every time in a day may leads to weight gain but grabbing things like donuts, chips and chocolates makes you bulgy and produce unhealthy fat but Having an wholesome Indian meal which must include roti, rice, dal, sabji, salad and curd should be mandatory thrice a day leads to a healthy lifestyle and also helps to increase weight.

           Usually, people skip breakfast which is one of the most important meals of the day, as it wakes up the body and gives new energy to the body. Without breakfast body uses stored fat and essentials from the body makes the person weaker and unable to gain weight.

      Having more protein: people looking for weight gain definitely invest in a good amount of protein source, as it helps in muscle building and increases overall muscle mass leads to weight gain.

It is essential to have 0.7-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight (1.5-2.2 gram of protein per kg) for people looking for weight gain on a daily basis and it could be from any source might be vegetarian options like cottage cheese, sprouts, lentils, soya bean one of the best source for vegetarians, non-vegetarians could go for fist, lamb, chicken, etc.

     Increase carbs and fats percentage: carbohydrates and fats are very essential for energy, generally people aiming to lose weight skip carbs and fats from their diet but it is highly beneficial for people trying to gain weight.

As these food types are high in calorie thus it increases overall calorie intake and leads to weight gain. It is always advised to have good fats and whole grain carbohydrates
Fats like: desi ghee, peanut butter, dairy product, cheese, nuts, and fish or meat.
Carbohydrate: good quality wheat flour, oats, Raggi, bajra, jawar, and also try to exclude refined grains like maida, processed food items.

    Check health problems: if weight is not increased after adopting all the above changes then surely there is some problem related to your health it could be anything it is rotting you from inside like thyroid, mental problems, any sort of stress, etc.

Gaining weight is not difficult but gaining good quality weight is difficult and essential which could be possible by having a better and good quality diet.Quickest way to gain weight isincreasing your overall calorie depending on your body functionality all over the day, people going for 9-7 office job go for lesser calories as compared to the calories level of a field worker.
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