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Labiaplasty On the Rise and What It's Like

Why do women want to undergo labiaplasty? In our time today, people became more judgemental and conservative in terms of their physical appearances and attributes. It has been a significant aspect of one’s identity and personality. God gave us all unique physical appearances and attributes for us to live. We have our hands to touch, feet to walk, eyes to see, tongue to taste, ears to hear, nose to smell, and so many more. We are uniquely gifted with so many talents, but still, some people want to change and improve their physical attributes. Surgeries and operations became a trend for those who want to embrace the change in their body. Now, with the use of technological advancements and devices, surgeries and operations are easily performed. One of the surgeries that can be performed to improve one’s physical attributes is the Labiaplasty but first, let us define and discover more about what Labiaplasty is.

What to Know About Labiaplasty?

To reshape the woman’s inner lips- labia minora of the vulva, a surgical procedure must be performed which is called Labiaplasty. The number of women who have undergone a surgical procedure called Labiaplasty has increased according to the (ASPS) or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. About 39% of women in the United States have been reportedly undergone this kind of surgery in the year 2015 and still increasing as time goes by.

Why do women like to undergo labiaplasty? Here are some of the reasons.

1.    Self- consciousness about the vagina

No woman should feel discomfort and self-conscious about her vagina. But still, some women find it hard and uncomfortable to have an elongated vagina. It is natural to have an elongated vagina especially when a woman got married and have sex with their husband. This is a part of the body so why change it? Well, at least those who like to undergo Labiaplasty are able because it is now a trend and legally performed.

2.    Discomfort during exercise, physical activities, and other sports activities

Exercising can help you to feel better and greater. Engagement into physical and sports activities can also help you achieve, but there are times that you can feel discomfort in your vagina. Rubbing and sweating can be some of the reasons for the discomfort. Also, in bicycling, performing yoga routines, and running, discomfort in the vagina can happen and can also bring you in pain.

3.    Sexual Intercourse related problems and concerns

Enlarged size of a woman’s labia can cause pain to her whenever she is having sexual intercourse. Also, an unattractive appearance of a woman’s labia can cause self-consciousness and might decrease the interest of sexual intercourse engagement.

4.    Clothing fit, and it’s an appearance

The current trend of clothing in exercising and related physical activities are now tighter and must fit the woman’s body. Whenever a woman clothes herself with these tight outfits, her labia can easily be tracked and seen behind the thin fabric. This results in discomfort, and that is why so many women want to undergo labiaplasty.

5.    Problems in urination due to an enlarged labia

With an enlarged labia, a woman can find herself in difficulty when urinating. The large labia might hinder the flow of urine in a woman’s urinary system out to the labia.

A Look at The History of Labiaplasty Surgery

In 1975, Dr. James Burt, a surgeon in Ohio, published a book entitled The Book of Love which discusses Hoodectomy procedure and vaginoplasty. This became the start of the study in regards to vaginal surgeries.  As time goes by, books which discuss labiaplasty have been published, and also, some inventions have been created to help the women who want to fix their elongated vaginas. Recently, in 2012, rejuvenation of the vagina was performed in over 2,000 women. 

How Do Surgeons Perform Labiaplasty?

In performing a labiaplasty procedure, a surgeon trims the excess tissues in the vagina to enable the labia minora lips for it to neatly tuck in within the labia majora or the outer lips of the vulva. General or local anesthesia can be done over this, and the recovery is uncomplicated and swift. There are required pain medications to lessen the pain, but usually, it only takes a few days for a full recovery. A woman who had undergone labiaplasty is asked to relax and avoid engagement into physical activities to avoid some complications. Wearing loose clothes is required to avoid pain whenever the clothes hit the operated vagina.

How Does It Feel to Undergo Labiaplasty?

According to the interviews with some women who have undergone labiaplasty, they all have the same feedbacks in the surgery. Now, they can easily perform physical activities without discomfort in the vagina. They also added that their sexual intercourse with their husbands has been more exciting and pleasurable. They can wear all those fitted clothes without the disturbance of their peeking vaginas.

Labiaplasty became a way for women, for them to achieve a more comfortable and better living. Although this may be disturbing to some people’s beliefs and perspectives, still we must respect each others decision.
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