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Effective Intervention Methods For Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse

Intervention is a way of helping people who are addicted to substances or the people who have mental disease to get back to a healthy and normal life. There are different types of Austin intervention that are utilized for people with different levels and extents of the respective issue. The two main types of interventions are:

    Direct Intervention:

In direct intervention, the family members and loved ones of an addict or the person who has mental disease slowly guide him back to health. The goal is to make the addict understand and realize the cons and tolls of addiction so that he can be encouraged to give up this adverse habit or recover from their mental disease.

    Forced Intervention:

Forced intervention is a rather strict type of intervention which is mostly the choice for the people who fail to recover through direct intervention. The forced interventions often require professional help from an Austin interventionist so that the patient can be guided to give up an addiction.

These are the basic categories of interventions. There are however different types of interventions that lie within these two broad categories of interventions. The interventions are centered on helping people with specific and particular needs. Some of the most notable types in this respect are:

    Tough Love Intervention:

Tough Love intervention aims to help people get over the loss of a loved one or thing. Sometimes, as a result of a breakup, failed marriage or even death, one person feels like he has lost the meaning of love and he falls prey to stress and anxiety. Tough Love intervention is the healing technique that helps such people get back to life and overcome their loss. Other than relationships, the loved one may even be a habit or addiction that is very near and dear to one but is harmful to him.

    Confrontational Intervention:

At times, one is addicted to something or has a bad habit. Some of these people fail to acknowledge or realize that they need help. In the confrontational intervention, the person is made to understand that he has a problem and needs help. However, a lot of care is required in terms of adopting confrontational intervention as the person may be in a state of denial and gently needs to be confronted so that he realizes his issue and problem.

    Johnson Model Intervention:

The Johnson Model intervention is an extension of the type of confrontational intervention. But rather than taking care of the confrontation part through a professional or the interventionist, the family is trained to help the patient and confront the situation and realize it himself. This way the patient feels comfortable because he is surrounded by the people he loves and trusts. A professional can assist as required, but the main focus lies on the role of the family in helping the person understand that he needs help.

Intervention is a proven and tested way of helping people and guiding them back to leading a healthy and normal life again that is full of content and hope for a bright future. 
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