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Do you need a referral to see a dermatologist?

A person's skin is the largest organ on their body. So, it is imperative to take meticulous care if changes or concerns arrive. Luckily, some skin conditions can be treated safely from one's home. Other situations, however, require a dermatologist because they specialize in skin health. Dermatologists are doctors who educate, screen and treat various skin issues.

Reasons to schedule a dermatology appointment

There are a large number of reasons a person may need a dermatologist. Such as if a person has tried the natural or over the counter treatments for acne and it has not worked. A dermatologist can help you get a prescription that could be effective in the treatment of acne. Annual skin examinations are necessary if the patient is high-risk for skin cancer or notice odd changes in the skin. Dermatologists can identify skin cancer in early stages which is vital for successful treatment. Other treatments for things such as eczema, dermatitis, or moles are common things treated by a dermatologist.

What is a referral

A referral is pre-approval required by a primary care physician. Liberty has dermatology professionals who offer examinations with or without a referral. Here are some helpful tips to decide if a referral is necessary before scheduling a dermatology visit.

Primary Care Physicians Know Best

A primary care physician maintains records of medical treatments and provides conventional care. In most cases, talking to them before seeing an external doctor is a great idea. They can help advise if a specialist is necessary and find the right dermatologist to meet patients needs. Using their particular relationship with patients they may be able to set them up with a physician that accommodates patients needs. That is what makes getting a referral important although not necessarily required.

Does the insurance policy cover it?

Most HMO insurance plans demand a patient see a primary care physician to arrange a referral visit with a specialist covered in the insurance network. Checking the level of coverage one has is essential before choosing to see a dermatologist if avoiding additional costs is significant. The types of specialists that are covered by the insurance plan can be found by reading coverage packet. A patient can also call the insurance company directly to get an explanation of coverage by the insurance plan. Each insurance plan is different , so it is necessary to check paperwork or call to be positive.


A person can choose their own dermatologist without asking for a referral. This method is commonly known as self-referring. If insurance covers self-referring then, dermatologist appointment is covered without approval. Costs to the patient can be higher in this case. During the consultation by the dermatology team, they should estimate the cost of treatment during care. Although, insurance coverage is not a guarantee of payment from the insurance company.

Other reasons to consider arranging a referral

Talking to a primary care physician can give a person time to prepare all the questions they might have for the dermatologist. Time spent waiting for insurance approval can be used wisely. So, the patient can take time to write down any thoughts beforehand. Having a list of questions and an explanation of symptoms can help visit go smoothly.

Specialist report back to the primary care physician who can help coordinate the patient's total healthcare. If other services or specialist are needed the primary doctor can oversee all medical needs excluding emergency.

The patient can avoid potential waitlist by getting pre-approval from the insurance company. Most insurance companies give referrals that a time limit for attached. Which, pushes the patient to the top of the list so they are scheduled care in the time margin provided.

If someone requires liberty dermatology in Missouri then a referral may be unnecessary. It is recommended to check in advance to avoid paying out of pocket.
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