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5 Perfect Accompaniments to Pizza You Haven’t Tried

We can all agree that pizza is one of the most delicious dishes in the world. That stuffed crust, thin crispy  base and loaded up with all your favourite toppings, whether they are chicken or pepperoni or ham or pineapple. When it’s finished off with heaps of gooey, stretchy melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella, it’s a pretty irresistible food stuff!

Whatever the meal - lunch, dinner, late-night snack - or even for some people, breakfast - pizza is a meal in itself.

But pizza can also be paired with some great accompaniments too. You might have tried potato wedges, cheesy fries, buffalo wings or a coleslaw salad alongside your pizza pie, but have you ever thought of trying something a little different when it comes to your accompaniments?

Pizza delivery is the ideal social food. It’s easy to share and great to customise for all the different tastes and dietary requirements that exist in a group of people. Adding side dishes can turn pizza into an impressive (and impressively simple to prepare) spread that everyone can enjoy. So choose your pairings and whether you order in, or make your pizza yourself, enjoy the spread!

Mix and match to suit your mood and your appetite but be assured a seriously tasty pairing, whichever one you choose.

1.      Avocado and roasted garlic and lemon salad

Nothing matches pizza as well as a good salad. And as a bonus they give you a healthy nutritional boost to go alongside your pizza too! This brilliantly simple salad with its citrusy flavours and punchy garlic works perfectly with pizza, complementing the tomato and cheesiness in just the right way. It is highly nutritious too, and did we mention how delicious is it as well?

The beauty of this salad is its predominantly garlic-lemon flavour that does not overpower the pizza. Try adding some pomegranate seeds to the dish too. It might sound whacky, but its juicy, sweet addition makes for a great flavour combination. And if you want to really ratchet up the nutritional value and bulk the salad up into a more filling side dish, then add some broccoli florets, baby kale and pine nuts as well. The taste combinations are great, and with all those superfoods washing down your pizza, your personal trainer will  as  impressed with it as your tastebuds!

2. Greek salad

Feta cheese, ripe tomatoes, red onion rings, black olives, salad leaves and cucumber. Greek salad is a choice that many people love because of its classical, simple and fresh flavour combinations as well as its simplicity to make. And it works just brilliantly with pizza toppings such as tuna, olive, anchovy and egg.

You could also try adding some crispy bacon and blue cheese to make your pizza side dish taste even more zingy and to give it some additional crunchiness and saltiness. In order to make your Greek cheese salad even better, you should also add a homemade and tangy vinaigrette dressing by combining olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

It’s a winning combination whatever your pizza choice.

3. Creamy potato salad

Another dreamy pairing, pizza and potato salad are a match made in heaven. And yes, it might not be quite as healthy as the first two salad options, but since you are having pizza for dinner, why not go all out and make this a cheat day? It’s super easy to make too. Choose Jersey Royal potatoes, spring onions, mayonnaise and creme fraiche and you have yourself a simple, delicious side dish that can turn pizza into a perfect summer meal, or cold pizza slices into a perfect picnic. 

4. Grilled asparagus with some added lemon zest

This may not be a full salad, but it is a delicious vegetable side dish that goes surprisingly well with a pizza meal. Asparagus contains virtually no fat, is very low in calories and contains a whole alphabet of vitamins and minerals. And combined with zingy lemon zest, it turns pizza into a gourmet meal. Like many of the salads already suggested, the tanginess also helps with cutting through some of that pizza cheese greasiness.

Be careful not to overcook the asparagus though or make it too greasy. Simply grill or griddle it lightly, and once it turns a nice vibrant green colour, it is ready. Sprinkle with lemon zest and garlic too if you’re a garlic lover, and this might turn out to be the best side dish you have ever tried with pizza!

5. Cauliflower cheese bites

Cauliflower might not be everyone’s first choice of vegetable but the addition of some white sauce and grilled bubbling cheese turns it into a firm family favourite! Pair it with pizza and what’s not to love?

Cauliflower cheese bites - a variation on traditional cauliflower cheese - where cauliflower, cheese and egg are combined and made into simple patties that are then baked in the oven on an oven tray for ten minutes each side - make for a great side dish if you’re looking to turn your pizza into a filling and warming family meal. It’s two unbeatable comfort foods in one!

You can also include a dipping sauce of mayonnaise, fresh dill and fresh chives that works as the perfect accompaniment. This is a to-die-for meal. It is simply irresistible.

Side dishes can turn the humble pizza into a meal, and there are plenty of others worth trying that we’ve not mentioned here so experiment and create your own perfect accompaniment. They’re also great for when you’re hosting a party or gathering and want to turn your pizza into a buffet, BBQ or picnic. There’s no denying that some of the classic accompaniments you might find on traditional pizza menus work brilliantly well too, but then there’s no limit to how many side dishes you can put out, so don’t ditch the cheesy fries, potato wedges, garlic bread or coleslaw just yet; just add a salad or a dish of grilled asparagus too and boost the nutritional value and the taste factor of your whole meal.
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