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What Causes Snoring and How to Stop It?

When you snore, the biggest problem is that you don't realize you are doing it, and many people don't believe others when they say we snore. It isn't something that can affect your health, but if you have a partner, it can be very irritating for them. Because you alter their sleep, they can feel fatigue which can impact their health. So, you should think about solving this problem because of others.

There are actually many reasons why it happens, and the majority of people experience it at least once in a lifetime. The great thing is that we can stop it easily if we want. A most popular option is using nasal strips that allow your nostrils to intake more air. If you want to improve your body, there are also other options that are great for you.

Why It Happens?

The process is very easy to understand and you maybe have the right assumption about it. The air travels from your nose down to the throat into the lungs, but the main problem is in the throat. People who are snoring usually have a lot of tissue in that area which vibrates and makes that familiar sound. Another thing that can get in the way is your tongue, but that usually isn't the case. When you know how it happens it is easier to find a solution.

Common Causes

One thing that we can't change is our age and it is also one of the reasons why snoring happens. The muscle in our throat becomes weaker and it becomes narrower. But, there are other things you can change about yourself that will decrease snoring. If you are overweight you will probably have this problem. The fat tissue will form and poor muscle tone usually comes with it. So, exercising can be the best way to solve this issue.

Another thing you can't change is your genetics and the way you are built. People with narrower air passage are more likely to snore. This can be changed with a better lifestyle, throat exercises, and bedtime routine. Many people have sinus and nasal problems that are blocking the airways. In these cases, snoring is caused by the vacuum in the throat. Some of them can fix this by using nasal strips.

If your partner complains about your snoring and you are a smoker or you drink alcohol, you should think about getting rid of these habits. Also, some medication may have an effect which you should check with your doctor. You may also consider changing your posture while sleeping. When you sleep flat on your back, your throat may be relaxed and block the airways. You should visit the doctor to check if it indicated other disorders. Read more on this link.

Lifestyle Changes You Should Try

The best change you can make is losing weight, but not too much. You should run a few days a week which will be enough to gradually lose weight. Bad habits are one of the main reasons why we snore. Smoking generally is bad for your health, and if it will help you stop snoring then you should stop it.
If you stay up late because of your favorite TV show or you are just spending a lot of time on your phone then probably you had experience with late night snack. What you eat at this point may cause this problem. Every large meal before sleep will cause snoring. If you have a real problem with it, then you should try anti-snoring exercises. If you like singing, that is a great exercise for your throat.

Medical Cures

Medicine has improved a lot throughout the years, so you have many different options to solve this issue. Uvulopalatoplasty with a laser shortens the uvula. It also makes small cuts, but when they heal, it actually stiffens the tissue so it won't vibrate. There are implants called palatal implants that prevent a breakdown of the soft palate. Other procedures include adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, and Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty. Every one of these is a valid option because it will have a positive impact on your relationship. You probably don't want to sleep in the other room because of your condition.
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