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Should You Breastfeed Your Newborn?

It’s one area where many people seem to have very strong opinions: breastfeeding. While it is entirely true that many women cannot breastfeed due to medical or other reasons, many women are placed under pressure. In fact, some women find that they are placed under pressure to use formula to feed their babies even if they don’t want to. Add this to the fact that many friends and family members seem to have a strong opinion and the waters become quite murky and deep.
It’s Your Decision

As a new mother, if you are able to breastfeed, the decision is entirely up to you. Though many baby formula companies might talk about the health benefits of their specific brand, the simple truth is that breastfeeding is perfectly natural and provides a wide range of health benefits for your baby. This should never be ignored and should always be a part of the decision.

What Are the Health Benefits?

So, what are some of the benefits of breastfeeding? Consider the following:

       Illnesses: Studies show that when babiesare breastfed, they are less likely to suffer from some illnesses, such as pneumonia and ear infections. We also know that breast milk contains important antibodies that help to fight many illnesses and infections. These important antibodies are not contained in formula-based milk and this is a distinct advantage of going natural.
       Weight Control: Studies also conclude that when babiesare breastfed for at least six months, they are less likely to become obese. This may be due in part to the different formulation of artificial milk powders.
       Higher IQ: Though many of these studies are still in early stages, there also seems to be a strong correlation between breastfed babies and performing better at school later in life. IQ measurements also tend to show that children who were breastfed for a good length of time when they were babies also score higher on tests.
       SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome affects many families and devastates them. The good news is that we now know a lot more about how and why it happens. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of it happening.

How Can You Be More Discreet When You Feed Your Baby?

If you’ve decided to breastfeed due to the many benefits, you’re going to want to ensure that you do it discreetly. Your baby will get hungry even when you’re out of the house so making sure that you have one of the Bebitza Breastfeeding Covers means that you can still feed your baby in privacy.
A good-quality breastfeeding cover provides the following benefits:

       Discretion when you’re in a public area
       Protection for your baby during a time when he or she is bonding with you
The good news is that breastfeeding covers now come in a range of fashionable patterns and colours. In fact, it won’t even feel as if you’re wearing a breastfeeding cover because they look just the same as a shawl.
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