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Process of selecting a water purifier based on the needs of your home?

Ensuring a healthy and proper supply of drinking water is a Herculean task in modern times. Indeed it is tricky as along with human pollution water pollution is on an upward curve. Human beings put too much emphasis on water for their needs that pollution is bound to happen.

Has the thought ever stuck you where does industrial along with house waste go? Yes it makes its way on to the water and becomes a source of physical, biological and chemical contamination. If you drink contaminated water it becomes a breeding ground for various water borne disorders. As they go on to cause millions of death every year, drink along safe and pure drinking water.

In order to obtain pure drinking water you need water purification for home. This is the best method of obtaining purified water in India. All the impurities present in water are removed and it provides you with safe drinking water for consumption.

With various brands of water purifier available in the market, selection becomes a tedious task. If you equip yourself with proper knowledge about their working then things become easy. There are some tips that you need to keep in mind when you opt for a water purifier.

The source of water

When you are selecting a water purifier for your home, the type of impurities present in water hold considerable importance. The reason being different types of water are known to carry various contaminants. Water is a source of biological, chemical and physical contamination that passes on to your body when you drink water.

Water purifier types

In the market you are likely to come across various types of water purifier like UV, RV etc.  The basic function of all of them would be to remove impurities present in water. For example a UV water purifier eradicates microbial impurities that are incorporated in drinking water.  It is not going to deal with dissolved impurities. For a home that receives water with a large chunk of microbes such a water purifier would be good.

Storage capacity

Since water purifiers are available in various modules, you need to choose one as per your requirements. This works out to be a place where purified water is stored and there are various models in the market which do not have a storage tank. Mostly they are available in 8 or 9 litre capacities.

Warranty and cost

As per your requirements the cost of water purifier may vary. So you might have to choose one that matches with your budget requirements. Most companies have varied warranty periods for their water purifiers so check out before you buy them.

Service after sales

This is a grey area that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a water purifier. Most companies may go overboard when it comes to selling their water purifier, but once it is accomplished they are nowhere to be seen. Do a systematic research and only choose a company that offers superior quality of customer service.
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