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Jaw Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Immediate Relief

Jaw pain is a condition that can affect your way of speaking. This facial pain can weaken you and even making it hard for you to eat or any movements of your mouth. Though this condition can be debilitating, there are treatments to date. But, finding out what causes it is a challenge for there are many things cause jaw pain. It might be a result of sinuses and ears or something from your teeth or jaw itself. This means there are many potential causes of jaw pain. Thus, you need the correct diagnosis for it and seek advice from your physician. The experts can identify the exact cause and could provide the best treatments.

What is Jaw Pain?

Jaw pain is a result of impairment in your temporomandibular joint. This is a hinge joint that connects your jaw to the temporal bones in front of each ear. It is the focal bone that lets you move your jaw up and down and side to side. Problems with muscles in your face are temporomandibular disorders (TMD). For most cases, they are usually addressed as TMJ, in relation to the joint in your temporal bone. If you are suffering from jaw pain, you should treat it before it could get worse. There are possible causes if this pain, find it more here https://nydnrehab.com/what-we-treat/tmj/.

Possible Causes

Dentists believe that jaw pain arises from problems with the parts of the joint itself. There are also some cases that the muscle in your jaw swells causing pain. A heavy blow can also lead to headache, focal pain, and TMD. There is some physical injury that also affects muscle jaw pain. For the worst cases, you might have nerve problems or blood vessel problems causing the pain.

TMJ is a condition that affects many and might be severe to some. This pain is also common to most women of childbearing age. Too much grinding or clenching of your teeth could also cause jaw pain as you are putting pressure on it. You might have muscle arthritis or you are stress out that could tighten facial and jaw muscles.

Common Symptoms

TMJ can cause temporary discomfort pain and could last for years. This condition could also affect the mobility on both sides of your face. The tenderness on the temporal area might cause problems when opening your mouth. It could also lock your jaw when you tend to open or close your mouth. You would notice a grating sound in the jaw joint when you move your mouth that is not that painful. This condition is undeniably tiring so might as well seek for immediate treatment.

Treatments and Immediate Relief

Doing some tension-related habits will help you reduce jaw pain frequency. You can also apply a little heat or ice packs to relax overactive jaw muscles and relieve pain. If the pain severe, you can seek for your doctor's medication. They can give you drugs and antibiotics to prevent any infections. The treatment varies depending on the cause of the pain. For immediate relief is home muscle relaxation, antibiotics if infected or worse, surgeries.

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