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General advice for the first time mothers during pregnancy

Pleasant with a lot of scary symptoms are a routine affair when you are pregnant. Pregnancy experts’advice advocates it is part of a path towards motherhood. Just resort to pregnancy advice live chat and you can gain valuable advice during this phase. This would enable you to get through this juncture without many hiccups. Otherwise you could end up with pressing questions for your near and dear ones. So let us explore some of the common pieces of advice in the coming 9 months

Go a bit easy in terms of maternity clothes

Maternity clothes have evolved considerably. Gone do the days where you had to wear dresses resemble curtains anymore? When it is your first trimester you would get through this phase by wearing a regular set of clothes but once your belly shows off things look different. Do not get into a shopping sphere as investment in a couple of jeans or a belly band that might allow you to wear your regular dress without anyone being aware.

Avoid Dr Google

Sometimes you could come up with some strange symptoms of pregnancy which your friend would have told you.  This might cause shivers down your spine and when you do a lot of research you feel more confused. If you are really facing any issues it is better to get in touch with your doctor as they can give you the best advice. This would put your mind at ease.

No coping up with symptoms as you just have to deal with it

Some symptoms in the form of fatigue, body pain, morning sickness are a regular feature during pregnancy. No way has it pointed to the fact that you need to adopt a silent approach to cope up with these symptoms. Discuss with your doctor about these symptoms as chances are high that they could proceed to something serious in due course of time.

A body pillow is a must

During pregnancy a body pillow is a must and body pillow will help you achieve it. When your belly becomes bigger it takes you to a comfortable spot which means that the active baby would not stop to kick

Weight gain is an area that you should not be obsessed with

If it happens let it. There is no need to panic and be stressed about it. You should not go overboard with the food items that you eat, but at the same time keep a count of the calories you are planning to intake. Discuss with your doctor on what is an anticipated weight gain when you are pregnant.

There is no substitute to exercise

Rigorous routine is something that has to be avoided without regular approval of a doctor. But once they allow it, you can incorporate exercise as part of your routine schedule. Your stress levels would be kept at bay and with exercise a control over your excess weight will be achieved. For delivery of your baby it would be of help.
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