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5 Major Differences Between Conduction and Convection Vaporizers

While inhaling a puff of cannabis through a vaporizer, you may not be aware of its inner mechanism. Most of the people even don't know that vaping devices produce vapors rather than smoke. It is an electronic device with capability of producing thick puffs of vapors out of solid weed, wax or fluid extract. All vaping devices work on the basis of two mechanisms, i.e. conduction and convection. The main purpose of both processes is producing an adequate level of heat in the chamber. This article will guide you with some information to differentiate vaporizers on the basis of their inner mechanism.

Conduction heating and its working in vaporizers

In general words, conduction heating means the direct transfer of heat from its source to the herb. A heating element is fixed inside the content chamber that creates an adequate temperature level to produce vapors from the ingredients. This type of vaping device is suitable for both dry and liquid cannabis extract. Some significant features of conduction vaporizer are mentioned below in detail.

1) It is a widely used system in all kinds of small and big vaporizer models. From a desktop model to a vaping pen, you can expect conduction mechanism everywhere.
2) The heating element directly contacts with ingredients that might burn them in some cases.
3) Conduction models of firefly portable vaporizer allow more precise temperature control while using.
4) Conduction is widely adopted in all kinds of vaporizers; thus their production cost is also low and very affordable to buy.
5) The vapors produced by through conduction process are generally dark because of the direct contact with the heating source.

Convection heating and its working in vaporizers

Convection heating is a process of the increasing temperature inside the chamber by creating a humid environment. Rather than direct contact, it produces temperature from all sides with a focus on herb only. The exhaust fans pass hot air through the herb to produce vapors. In short, it is the indirect way of heating that comprises of following features: -

1)The indirect heat ensures no risk of combustion which is somehow possible in conduction devices.
2) Rather than focusing only on the bottom, the firefly portable vaporizer convection mechanism heat up the herb from all sides. Consequently, you get some great quality puffs.
3) There is no risk of accidental combustion because the heating mechanism is indirect.
4) It produces very smooth blend of vapor which contains fewer toxins than conduction.
5) Convection vaporizer is a good choice if you are going to vape from dry herb.

From the above information, it seems that convection vaporizer is a better option. It is actually true to an extent but not completely. The convection mechanism is only meant for large vaporizers because it requires more space. Also, it is an expensive option when you compare with conduction. Convection process produces nice blend of vapors, but it takes too much time to warm up. Conduction firefly vaporizer is a suitable device for instant vaping in mobility. On the other hand, the convection vaporizer is suitable for group parties at home or vaping parlors.
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