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Top 7 Techniques to get fair skin color in few days

Most of the peoples mainly in India like to have fair skin color and they do lot of efforts in achieving this result. In this post we came out some effective formulas which work effectively for getting fair skin color.

Let’s start…

1 – Cover face while drive

It is the most common method which saves you from heavy pollution in India on streets, if you are having bike or going in a car, in both conditions you need to have more fair color.

2 – Use Papaya

Papaya is really amazing blessing of god to us for having more fair color fast, there are two good options to use Papaya which are eating and using on the face in different format.

Papaya is Vitamin e rich product and we can eat it regularly for having more fair skin fast. And for using it over skin also possible, there are many Papaya soaps available in India of top brands which you can use regularly. You can check Papaya soaps price in India at

3 –Use Lemon

Lemon on the affected part of the face work effectively and after using it on face, you can wash them with normal water then bad particles will be removed quickly.

4 –Milk + Honey

You should mix 1 tablespoon milk + 1 Tablespoon honey paste on your face. Remain it on your face for twenty minutes then you will see the magic.

5 –Tomato

1 Tomato + 1 Spoon lemon juice – Use this mixture every day on your face and body before bath for few days then you will definitely get more fair skin in few weeks.

6 - Skin whitening soaps

There is huge collection of best skin whitening soaps which are really effective available in Indian market of top brands and some of them are herbal also.

7 – Rose water

Rose water is really amazing product and every person knows the power of it on your face and it gives natural glow on your face and body. It is available everywhere in Indian markets.

8 – Cucumber Face pack

Just like Papaya cucumber also work very smartly and effectively to provide natural glow on your face and body also. Not only by using but with eating also it gives more effective look to your overall body.

9 – Green Tea

We all know the power of green tea for our health and beautiful look also. What you need to do is:-
Open the bag of green tea and put it in hot water then drink 1 cup daily, within few days your blood will be more purified and you will get fairer look also.

10 – Change the routine

Friends you need to change daily routine of your life and be serious for skin care, damage and having good healthy diet for your skin and full health also.

There are some more drinkable products like Green coffee also which reduces extra fat from your body and improves skin color also. Thanks.
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