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How To Be Fashionably Blind

You’re probably thinking “Well, that’s a funny title.” It sure is. You’ve heard the expression “fashionably late” before but this is probably the first time you’ve encountered this one. It’s a crazy play on words, really. Like, how can being blind be fashionable?

Let me tell you something: It is possible. And I can’t find a better way to term it than how I did the title.

How can it be? You’re probably wondering. Well, for one, there is one accessory better sported by visually impaired people – glasses. See where I’m going with this? People who have blurred sight, astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness all have the opportunity to wear glasses. I know some of you reject the idea of glasses being fashionable but hey, it’s 2019. The fashion industry already approves glasses to be an iconic fashion trademark. Long gone were the days that wearing a pair would brand you a nerd or a geek. Nowadays, glasses are sizzling (see video). Even people who aren’t visually challenged in the first place are wearing them to match their style!

So I dare say that glasses are fashionable. And you, my friend, can be fashionably blind.

There are many ways you can customize your look without losing your glasses. I mean, some people would rather go to parties half blind than wear their glasses. They think it looks too weird or dorky wearing a pair to social gatherings. Well, you can forget about that. You can forget about sacrificing your eyesight for the sake of social conformity. You can wear your glasses and rock any party. People can’t tell you what to do otherwise.

For the sake of looking good, however, there are a few things you can do to make your glasses-look more chic. More specifically, you have to create your glasses into a crowd turner itself. Here’s what you should consider when you’re looking for the right pair of specs to buy:

1. The Frame

Now, the frame is very important – even for prescription sunglasses. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s kind of what will make your glasses look fashionable or not. With the right frame, you can look like the chick who can win a million dollars. With the wrong one, you can look like someone’s Aunt Martha. Get what I mean? For starters, you should find a frame that compliments the shape of your face. If you’re a bit of a square head type (e.g. well-defined jaws, strong features), then you should soften your look with round specs. Potter glasses (the round ones that look like Harry Potter’s) would probably look darling on you. If you’re on the rounder end (e.g. chubby, circular face), then you should probably choose something with a bit more edge. You can try something that’s a bit rectangular or pointy on one end. Anyway, there are so many choices in the market today that you’ll definitely have a good time shopping for a new frame. Remember: Go with what suits your face not what’s trendy and popular!

2. The Color

Yes, the color of your specs is very important too. Most just go for black or gray but you can try to “colorfy” your style as well. I, for one, think that white frames look amazing. They pop right out and bring all the attention to your eyes. They’re also pretty neutral so you can match them with anything form your wardrobe. On that note, avoid colors that are too “selective.” Some colors are hard to match with clothes so choose something neutral!

3. The Lens

You’re probably thinking “What the hell can I do with the lens? It’s practically the same for everybody. It’s just transparent.” Well yes, you are right about that. There isn’t much to do with lenses. There are lenses, however, that change with light. When it’s dark, it maintains its transparent form. When you’re someplace sunny, the lens darkens so your glasses practically double as sunnies! This way, you don’t have to wear ordinary sunglasses at the beach and be blind for half the trip. You can wear these awesome lenses and look fashionable anytime, anywhere.    
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