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Preconception Check Up- Create a Solid Base

Pregnancy is one of the most important and beautiful stages in a woman’s life. This stage, although more beautiful, is very difficult. Over the years, our lifestyle has changed a lot. During pregnancy, the mother's body undergoes several changes. This makes it more important for women to plan a pregnancy for at least six months.

If you belong to couples who plan to have a child, here are a few steps that can ensure a smooth journey to your parents.

Healthy food

Yes, look closely at your diet. We rarely pay attention to the unhealthy things we eat. Try to keep frozen and canned foods to a minimum. Drink plenty of water. Reduce your intake of coffee, cold drinks and alcohol. Take lots of fruits, juices, milk, eggs and vegetables. Take extra folic acid supplement.

Your weight

Your weight and the weight of your partner can make a big difference in your pregnancy. Overweight does not help. During pregnancy, you will have to gain about 10-15 kg in nine months. Have you ever thought about how you will look if you are overweight before pregnancy? Overweight women have more difficulty conceiving. And overweight men also do not feel better in the whole process! Reduce as much as possible before you start trying to have a baby, and keep your weight constant for 3 months before your first trimester begins.


Start a regular exercise. Do not start with a heavy weight or 3 km runs on the first day. Start slowly and confidently if you have never made a serious effort before. Just climb the stairs whenever possible, instead of taking the elevator. If your office is located on the 20th floor, obviously, this is impossible. In such cases, take the elevator to the 15th floor and load the last five! What if you go to the bus stop, which is not very close to your house every morning? It may take several months, but exercise will strengthen your muscles. You need a strong body to carry the baby inside for nine months!

Tracking your body works

Observe your system for 6 months. Here are some of the items you need to register:

·         The first day of your menstruation.

·         Duration

·         The number of bleeding

·         The period of ovulation and its signs.

·         Symptoms before menstruation.

·         Basal body temperature

·         Any abnormality observed during this time may require immediate medical attention.

Check before conceiving

It is assumed that you and your partner visit a doctor before becoming pregnant. View from head to toe blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasound of the kidneys, stomach, uterus, etc. This is useful when you start from the first trimester. Get a proper dental checkup. It is possible that the dentist will not be able to help you with the cavity in the middle of your pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the main prerogative of parents should be the birth of a healthy child. A child means a lot of changes and a lot of sacrifices. The healthier you and your partner are, the more chances you have to get pregnant faster and postpone it.

Every woman wants to live without complications during pregnancy. This stage is the most beautiful, but very difficult. However, with some ?? By planning to conceive, by exercising during pregnancy, special care during the first trimester of pregnancy, and healthy nutrition during pregnancy, you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy without any risk of complications during pregnancy and you can learn more about preconception check up in singapore in this article.
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