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The ideal Window and Door for Each Environment: Learn How to Choose

It may even seem like a simple choice, but before deciding which window to use in your home, you need to evaluate some issues beyond aesthetics. It is worth noting that not only beauty should influence your decision, but also the incidence of light and ventilation in the environment. The Euro windows and doors, after all, are - first of all - functional parts.

All the rooms in the residence must have windows and doors of the same standard, is nothing more than a myth! In fact, it is best to choose a suitable window and door for each space. Want to know what kind of window and door is right for every environment in your home sweet home? Follow our article!

Home theater

Because the home theater environment is low on light, it is best to use only a small window that blocks the light. This strategy makes the environment more cozy and suitable for its purpose.

Dining room

In living spaces of the house as the dining room, the best alternative is to bet in a light and airy environment. Therefore, it is important to choose a larger window or door, made of wood, PVC or aluminum. In this case, the material does not matter so much - what makes all difference is the size or window or door.


The rooms are used not only for rest, but often also for study. It is used frequently, regardless of whether it is day or night. Due to this, it is important to control the brightness of the room, and an internal shutter is an excellent request. It is possible to find blinds of the most varied materials: wood, fabric and PVC, among others, are some of the alternatives.

Another great bet for the rooms is the shutters used in dorms. With them, ventilation is abundant and constant because of the cracks. Another strong point of this type of European doors is their simple handling, in addition to the aesthetics quite interesting.


Bathroom windows and door should be discreet. According to architects, the best option for these environments is to bet on small windows, installed in high places and preferably with matte glass. Still according to experts in the area of construction and decoration, it is nice to opt for windows whose top part slides down while the bottom protrudes out. This opening mobility makes cleaning easy!

Be aware of the materials

The windows and doors are commonly made of aluminum, wood or PVC. Iron was much used in old buildings but, besides being very expensive, it deteriorates more easily. Wood and PVC windows offer better thermal and acoustic sealing than metal windows. It is worth noting, however, that wood requires greater care in maintenance.
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