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Shawls & Cotton Dress for the Debonair!!

Shawls have been a favorite article of clothing for everyone whether men or women since time immemorial. They add a touch of elegance to your ensemble with their free falling, soft folds and warmth.Whether you drape them around you to keep warm, over the shoulder as a winter drape or around your neck as a cool accessory, shawls always look very classy and add something extra to your look. There are many fun and innovative ways to sport your shawls with each having a different impact on your appearance.

The word shawl originates from the Persian word ‘shal’ which is an item of clothing that is loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body, arms as well as over the head sometimes in other countries. Shawls are typically rectangular or square, which can be folded into a triangle before being worn. You will even find shawls that are triangular or even oblong but they are always bigger than a scarf. Stick with us to know more about this classic cotton dress and the curated collection online on Tjori.
While we all love our trench coats and pretty sweaters, you’d agree that nothing can match the understated elegance of a Pashmina shawl.

 This winter, embrace the cold with a stunning Pashmina shawl from our extensive collection that is sure to sweep you off your feet. Shop for shawls 
online from Tjori at irresistible rates.

As we all say things go one after another then how could we forget summer which is definitely on the way. And when we talk about summer, the first outfit that surely comes in our mind is Cotton dress. They are the most loved outfit as they are very comfortable and also easy to carry dress.

A woman, dolled up in a stylish and classy cotton dress has much to convey, beyond fashion. Especially when the temperatures are soaring in the summertime, nothing looks more stylish than a beautiful and elegant cotton dress. Tjori brings to you dresses in casual and semi-formal designs that are breathtakingly pretty. Browse through our awesome selection of best cotton dresses, and find your perfect match!

Stun everyone at a party in a black cotton dress.An easy to carry and stylish outfit for this summer. We often think that cotton dress means something simple and out dated type. But what if you find a dress in cotton material which is undoubtedly very eye-catchy and classy. Sounds way too exciting? Yes, here is a black dress that will turn all the heads wherever you go.

Gauzy, see-through fabrics are the rage this season. Wear a black dress in a cotton fabric with sequined detailing, and make cupid raise his bow! Cotton maxi dresses are also a good option when you want to play dress up. A sleeveless or short dress can also accentuate your beauty while you are on a shopping spree or a college trip.  

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