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Energy Drinks - Do They Give You Energy or Just a Fat Gut?

Being a fitness expert most of the questions I face are related to health and fitness. But with the popularity and marketing of energy drinks I am receiving questions which are even related to energy drinks. The advertisements of energy drinks show that these energy drinks give you super power and you can come ahead in any competition of life including sports. But the real question is how far these energy drinks are effective.

Are they really what they boast of? Do they really have some magic to give you those super powers? And last but not the least, do they help you to achieve weight loss.

But before answering the above questions let me answer one more question and that is what are these energy drinks made of? Well, unfortunately most of them are carbonated drinks which are high in fat content. They may also contain caffeine, fructose corn liquid, and only a few vitamins. And you think that these are healthy.

In fact you must know that these drinks would do no good but rather make the situation even worse. Fructose corn liquid is high in fat and will worsen the situation by imparting its contribution to the stomach fat.

These energy drinks claim that they are sugar free because they use artificial sweeteners. But now, you must beware of harmful chemicals that are present in these sweeteners. According to researches these are not good in the long run because these sweeteners can worsen the situation in the long run. And you guys are aware that caffeine is anywhere not good for health. Because they add calories these won’t do any good if they are present in energy drinks.

Now, the most important thing that you must know. These energy drinks boast of having taurine and vitamin B. But unfortunately these vitamins will be lost with your urine. You can derive good amount of vitamins out of natural drinks that you can make out of fruits and vegetables juices. Vitamins from natural sources are good for your health.

So, in my opinion, these energy drinks are doing no good to your body. Rather you can try out making drinks at home like iced tea made out of green tea, apple juice with some dried goji etc. I personally believe that these are just marketing gimmicks when these drinks guys tell you that these drinks have magical formula and can work wonders on your body as well as your immunity. I hope this article has cleared the misconceptions and confusions that are there in your mind.

You can find so many healthy drink recipes that you can make at your home. Home made natural juices and drinks will add lots of vitamins and nutrients to your diet and that too in real sense. And as far as the cost factor is concerned you must know that things you make at home are always reasonable in cost. I am an avid natural juice drinker and I prefer making them at home.
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