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Traditional or Digital Dentistry – Things to Consider When Picking a Dentist in Durham

We live in a world where technological advancements are taking its toll,and we are just waiting to see when all industries will take advantage of it. Dental technology is also changing based on the latest inventions, and today, dentists can take teeth impressions without triggering the gag reflex.

Most of us have bad memories of dentists and their tools that resemble torture room. However, today, you can enjoy in digital perspective that will minimize the invasive procedures and provide you withprofoundlygenuine enjoyment and dental restoration that will feel as you went to any other doctor.

Digital dentistry is changing rapidly, so we will present you differences between digital and traditional ways so that you can see which one is the best and how the technology is affecting this particular industry:

Comfortable Experience

If you worn braces in the past, you are probably familiar with the procedure that will take your dental impressions back then. The dentist had to insert in your mouth a pink goop and press it firmly against your teeth so that he/she can get the appropriate impression and results.

However, that caused numerous problems because some people gagged and felt uncomfortable during this procedure, which is why digital impressions are the way better choice for you because they are less invasive and you won't have side effects such as gagging.

If you choose an experienced dentist, digital way of taking impression means that he/she will use a special scanner that will take accurate pictures of your gums and teeth. These images will afterward be sent to a dental lab, where technicians will make it without any additional problem.

It is a comfortable solution and less time consuming when compared with traditional ways of taking an impression, and if you feel anxiety before going to the dentist, you can rest assured because it is a least invasive way.

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Less Time Consuming

Most tooth restoration procedures require at least two visits, especially if you want to make dental implants, tooth crowns or porcelain veneers. However, the traditional dentistry needed the same way of taking an impression and waiting for a longer time than today to get everything ready.

On the other hand, today's way that uses digital impressions means that dentist can quickly send images of your teeth directly to a lab so that they can make it as soon as possible without losing precious time without teeth.

Digital impressions areasignificant advancement in the dentist industry, mainly because it will help them reduce the time for tooth restoration procedures.

It Is More Accurate

When it comes to digital impressions, you should have in mind that they are much more accurate than traditional ones, because using the past technique is subject to human error. That is the main reason for numerous imperfections that will create havoc inside your mouth.

However, digital impressions will create an accurate image of your gums and teeth,and it cannot be altered physically. It means that technicians will use appropriate dimensions that they'll see on the screen and that way they will be able to provide you with the most accurate results.

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Things To Consider When You're Changing Your Lab From Traditional To Digital

  The Change Will Affect Your Company - If you want to make a transition from traditional to digital ways of dentistry, it means that you will have more things than monitor, mouse,and computer on the workbench. You will have to change the entire perspective of your company, and get new challenges that will help you improve, but you have to understandthem first. It is essential to present your patients and customers the way new tools are working, especially if you know that dental anxiety is one of the most common problems and the reason why people avoid going to dentists in the first place.

  Attitude And Concerns Of Your Employee May Change - Most people are afraid of change,and that is something we have inside us that we cannot control. Making digital difference means that you will create fear among your employees because they will think that your machines and technology will take their places. That is the main reason why you should discuss with them and to inform them about positive changes that digital dentistry will bring to them so that they can share the same amount of optimism and success. The idea is to maintain the number of employees, but with technology, you will still increase overall productivity, which is why you should train them to understand it and to implement it as soon as possible in their daily routines.

  It Is Expensive - If you own a small laboratory, then you should avoid digitalizing your surroundings until you reach some budget that will allow you to do it without interfering with its existence. Of course, any size lab can afford digital equipment. However, the idea is to calculate the return on investment so that you can see whether this particular investment will pay itself off in time or it won't. It is better to boost your lab by getting standard patients, and when you reach some point when you have to return customers, it means that you can improve and advance your lab. On the other hand, there are numerous calculations that you have to make before you decide. Still, the technology and digitalization od dentistry is something that everyone should implement, but since it just started, the price is significant. The question is when you will apply it because it is a logical assumption that at one point you will have to go digital.
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