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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test – The Slow and Fast Way

Weed is healthy, and it can be useful for various things and conditions. However, when it comes to drug testing, it is not something that you will enjoy. You have to look around, and you will notice hundreds and even millions of people online that are asking how to cleanse cannabis out of their systems.

Everything starts with a comprehensive understanding of how you can do as soon as possible. We can differentiate numerous reasons why people would want to cleanse their systems from cannabinoids. The most common one is due to employment purposes. 

More and more workplaces and employers are conducting drug tests, usually though urinalysis, and they will search for cannabis metabolites that you have in your system. Information on how to pass drug tests are readily available online like this video from Youtube where it talks about passing drug tests.

As soon as you decide to smoke or inhale marijuana, THC will enter your bloodstream. It will remain in your fat cells for seven days until it breaks itself into metabolites and goes into the urine.

Have in mind that the main reason for psychoactive effect of weed is due to THC, but your employer will search for its metabolites of THC-COOH which will remain in your body between one and four weeks depending on the frequency of usage.

How Do You Pass a Drug Test?

You need to know that the best way to pass any drug test is with complete abstinence, but you probably already knew that. But if you think that it is too late, you can find ways to mask the amount of THC in your system by following our tips.

Since most random drug tests especially those on workplace will come without too much time for preparation, it means that you should find ways to do in short notice. It can sound logical, but the first thing that you should do is to stop consuming marijuana in any form. It doesn’t matter if you are a daily user, or casual one because you have to finish it to make sure you pass.

It is useless to think that you will be able to flush the weed out of your system by using popular remedies such as vinegar, creatine pills, niacin, cranberry juice, ginger root tea, or high amounts of water. That will only cause other problems, and that is diluted urine, which is simple to detect in laboratory conditions.

You can choose these ways to cleanse yourself:

       Natural Detox - We are not talking here about consuming detox remedies such as pills and powders or any other specified kits that will only take money out of your pockets. If you have enough time to do it, you can balance your diet, exercise and drink lots of fluids and you will cleanse yourself between two and four weeks naturally.
       One-Week Detox - If you have a tight time frame, then you have to start immediately and as soon as you get the information. There are numerous products available on the market that will help you with a detox that we’ve mentioned above. They will help you rid yourself, and your body from harmful toxins and they can also cleanse your body from cannabinoids. However, you have to talk to your doctor because it is unsafe to consume these kits if you have some chronic issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
       24-Hour Detox - If you have only a few hours before the test, then you should find some ways to mask your urine and to dilute it entirely because you won’t be able to use any product that will completely remove the cannabinoids especially if you consume weed daily.

The easiest way to learn more on cannabis metabolite that stays in your urine for a long time is by visiting this website:

How to Pass A Urine Test?

       Water - This is the first and most important ingredient. The idea is to drink excessive amounts of water days before the test. That will cause your urine to dilute, which means that the number of THC will not be transparent enough. The best thing that you can do is to drink three liters before the test. But do not overdo it, because water intoxication can lead to fatality
       Vitamin B - The idea is to make your pee appear yellow because diluted urine is transparent to most laboratories and they will notice that you wanted to cheat. Therefore, you should use vitamin B complex which will be useful for this particular purpose. Drink it a few days before and a few hours also.
       Creatinine - The muscle metabolism creates a chemical waste called creatinine. It is a natural compound that we have in our body, and it is another way to dilute your urine with ease. However, you must take it before the test. You can do it by purchasing a creatine supplement, and you will notice that your pee will become colorless. Combine it with vitamin B, and you will be able to mask the amount of THC.
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