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Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair

Since we live in the age where extreme dye jobs, blowout bars,andvarious hair styling techniques, it is not the question whether our strand is damaged, but how bad it is.

Before you decide to feel hopeless because you have noticed a bunch of strand on your brush, you should consider techniques for its revival.

If you have genetic conditions such as pattern baldness, it is important to use Beta Sitosterols for hair loss,but only after, you speak with your physician. Still, you should follow certain rules that will help you make it healthier, shinier and stronger than before:

Do Not Wet It Too Often

You probably know that wetness will make it swell from the inside, which will reduce the number of cuticles. If you wet it too often, you will break it and frizz it as a result. It is important to wash it often, but not too often. Whenever you can skip a day, you should do it.

On the other hand, you can choose dry shampoos that will help you reduce the odor and grease from it, without affecting the entire scalp and follicles.

Use Healthy Pre-Shampoo Conditioners

As soon as you decide to wash it, it is important to add a smallnumber of conditioners to your daily routine. You do not have to worry because most of them work as a sealant, which means that it will smooth it's cuticle before it gets wet. That way, you will do less damage.

When it rubs together, the edges will fray as a result. Therefore, you have to be consistent and find a way to protect it and maintain it healthy as it was before. You should click here to understand tips on how to maintain it healthy.

Find Appropriate Shampoo for Your Hair

The main advertising idea nowadays is that shampoos with sulfate will damage it. However, choosing the one without it is expensive and will require significant investment. Sulfates are not the reasons why you damage it or get faded color.

Have in mind that all shampoos have a detergent that will strip color and oil from it. Even if you decide to choose clarifying formula, you will strip it of everything.

The best choice for your specific needs is shampooed that feature damage repairing label. These shampoos feature proteins that will strengthen it, and choose the one with a low concentration of detergents.

However, you should avoid silicone serums, hair sprays or mousse. You should choose a cleansing conditioner that will help you maintain its health. Have in mind that cleansing conditioners cannot remove product residue that will make it prone to breakage and less flexible.

Add Protection Layers

The worst thing for it is heat, which is why you should double down it with heat protection sprays. This is especially important if you go to a hairstylist or blow-dry it too often.

You can add a few layers to it and comb it to distribute it evenly. Have in mind that heat protectants are not useful if you avoid applying it to entire hair. That way, you will protect it against significant damage that could happen due to various styling machines.

Less Heat - Less Damage

The idea is to reduce the amount of time you are blow-drying it. Less heat means less damage, so you should prepare yourself completely. It is important to avoid rubbing it aggressively with a towel because it can create havoc onit. Do it with paper towels instead.

You will notice that your water will come out of your hair, which means that you will reduce the amount of time you need for blow-drying. If you add heat protection as well, you will be able to wick water away from it without any additional problem.

If you have a curly hair, you should visit this link: to see how to treat it from heat.

Dry Your Hair with Old Shirts

This is something you probably did not know, but using a towel for drying your hair will damage it after a while. According to top hairstylists, you should not roughly dry your hair, but use old shirts that are smooth so that you can dry it. Your hair will look healthier, and you will notice a difference after a while.
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