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Everything You Need to Know About Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey tail mushrooms are a type of medicinal mushrooms that are found commonly around the world. They have been used in the traditional Asian medicines for centuries, and now scientific researches have proven the medicinal benefits of the mushroom. Studies have found the turkey tailed mushrooms can boost your immune system, fight infections, prevent cancer, and even benefit your digestive health.

This might intrigue you to learn more about the turkey tail mushrooms. If yes, here’s everything you need to know about the turkey tail mushrooms.

What are turkey tail mushrooms?

Turkey tail mushrooms or turkey tail fungus as they are commonly known are considered one of the best functional foods and mushrooms that are present today. They are named turkey tail because they have fall-like palette stripes that resemble a turkey’s feathers. However, it's not the looks they are popular for, but they are known for their medicinal properties. Unlike other mushrooms, turkey tail mushrooms can be found commonly anywhere in the world.

They grow on dead or fallen branches, trees, and stumps. They are a part of a polypore family, which is why they contain tiny pores that release spores underneath their top. Current research and the advancements in science have found various benefits of the turkey tail mushrooms. Here are some of the well-known benefits of turkey tail mushrooms:

It boosts your immune system

These mushrooms are very potent,and according to studies they have the potential to improve your immune system. Turkey tail mushrooms can make your body feel alive and can also effectively keep you from various harmful bacteria, colds, and flues. Also, this helps in preventing and benefiting people who have cancer as complementary support.

It is a great remedy for flu and cold

Since they can benefit your immune system by making it strong and more resistant to germs and bacteria, turkey tail mushrooms are a great remedy for common cold and flu. You can include these mushrooms in your regular diet in the winters and fall to make sure that you are away from the bugs that cause cold and flu.

It helps people taking chemotherapy

Many studies prove the benefits of the turkey tail mushrooms for the people taking chemotherapy. Even FDA has approved these mushrooms to be beneficial for people with advanced prostate cancer and breast cancer, especially who are undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is known to adversely affect your immune system, which makes your body weak and susceptible to various types of illnesses. Turkey tail mushrooms help a person undergoing chemotherapy by supporting the immune system and improving it, which also helps in combating cancer cells effectively.

It can aid in digestion

Turkey tail mushrooms contain prebiotic content that benefits your microbiome. It helps by assisting the growth of good bacteria in the stomach while balancing your gut flora. Also, the mushroom can help in soothing your digestive issues. It can help people suffering from a leaky gut while promoting weight loss.

It can help with HPV

HPV or human papillomavirus is one of the most common STI or sexually transmitted infection. Turkey tail mushrooms are known for their ability to help the body recover from infections, and same is the case with the HPV infection. Studies have shown that the mushrooms show measurable results within two months of taking them. Also, there are studies that prove turkey tail mushrooms can reduce the frequency of herpes caused due to HPV and can also benefit people suffering from HSV (herpes simplex virus).

Aforementioned is everything that you need to know about turkey tail mushrooms. Since it is available in every part of the world, it is not very hard to include them in your diet. You can also find these mushrooms at reasonable prices, all you need to do is search “turkey tail mushrooms for sale” on the internet, and you can get various options to choose from.
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