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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review - Best Portable Vape in the Market

Vaporizers are no more new to hear and there have been so many new entries in the market that offer various advanced features. Out of all, the Arizer Solo 2 is a hyped portable vaporizer that has gained a lot of popularity for its amazing specifications, capacity, and performance.

Here in this review, we  will talk about the main highlights comprised in this powerful vape.
Who's the Arizer Solo 2 Meant for?

The Arizer Solo II is for anybody needing amazing vapor quality, quick warmth up time, long battery life, and full computerized control from a portable vaporizer at a sensible cost. It's ideal for around the house or for in a hurry sessions where pocketability isn't a priority.

Fantastic Vapor Quality

The Solo set the standard for scrumptious, cool vapor while in a hurry, and the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer props it up with its earthenware, treated steel, and glass air way. The taste is unadulterated and the vapor is smooth and cool, which feels much the same as anyone would generally expect from Arizer.

Quick Heating

The Solo 2 gets up to 390° F within merely 23 seconds, and to top temperature in less than 30 seconds. In short, it is Ideal for a snappy session of vaping whenever, wherever you need.

Long, long, battery life

The Arizer Solo 2 has one of the longest enduring batteries in a compact vaporizer that you can get with almost 3 hours of battery life. This is about double the battery life you see in normal portable vaporizers. What's more, in case you neglect to keep your Solo 2 charged, it can even be utilized while connected to after only 5 or so minutes of consistent charging.

Full advanced session control

The Solo II includes a computerized showcase with simple to utilize catch controls to tweak your vaporizer and customize your session without the requirement for an application. You get full computerized temperature control, customizable auto-shutoff clock, flexible signal notice, brightness control, and a belt-cut conveying case like the one that accompanies the Arizer Air.

Open airflow

The Solo 2 vaporizer comes standard with recessed heat jets in the bowl that permit somewhat more airflow than the predecessor. Including an all the more intense heater, the smart vape can stay aware of even the most grounded breathes in and convey reliable heat.


Arizer planned the Solo 2 with a slimmer profile in an oval shape that feels significantly more pleasant in your palm than the first Solo. While still not exactly eye-grabbing for a great many people, the included conveying case functions admirably.


The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer accompanies a 2-year guarantee on defects and workmanship, an industry driving 1-year guarantee on the battery, and a lifetime guarantee on the heating chamber. Like the majority of vaporizers, the Solo II is secured by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So these are some of the main features associated with Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer. Vaping has turned into a passion for many, and that is the reason why so many manufacturers are coming up with something new and creative every other day.

Arizer Solo II, being no exception, has become one of the most popular and loved units i the market. With some similar features like its predecessor, it brings to you some more interesting highlights that were missing in the first version.

You can consider buying it from your nearby vape store or order it online from a reputed portal like To The Cloud Vapor Store. Not only vape, but also you can upgrade the experience with the dedicated accessories present in the market.
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