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Pregnancy and Respiratory Complications

Respiratory System and its functions

The respiratory system is one of the most important systems present in the human body organization it is present in both the male and the female in the similar pattern working in a similar way as well. The system deals with the exchange of gaseous particle from the air that we intake and it also utilization of those gaseous molecules in the proper way in the body so that it becomes very much helpful for the different human body process. The air contains a mixture of the gaseous molecules all of which are not necessarily required for the body. Out of the mixture of the air, there is one gas called the carbon dioxide which very much toxic for the human body. The respiratory system therefore also involved in the selective filtering of the air molecule and also an entry of the gases which are actually required for the body function and the also the exit of the non-required gaseous molecules like carbon dioxide. The system is present in the upper part of the body and contains important structure like the diaphragm, lungs etc. However problem with the respiratory system is very much common and it also prone to any sorts of infections also. Even the pregnant woman also face problem regarding the respiratory system. Medicines and treatment to cure the problem are widely available.

In pregnant condition

Pregnancy is the condition which brings about of lot significant changes in the body of a female being. For the span of about 9 months, the body of the female behaves in a somewhat different way than the normal. The main reason is behind this is the changes in the hormone amount and also increase in the hormone activity in the body. Along with the whole body, the respiratory system also finds it very much difficult to function in this period. One of the main reason behind it is that during the later stages of the gestation when the growth if the baby is almost half done the belly of the mother pops out to provide extra space to the baby for proper growth. During this time due to the diaphragm region of the body faces some unnatural constriction n the movement. Diaphragm helps in the inspiration and the expiration process with the help of this we can intake and also output air. This constriction might give rise respiratory problem in the woman’s body and a woman can’t properly breathe or intake full volume of air. There are many medications for respiratory disorders in pregnancy although this problem gets cured once the delivery is done.

Other reasons

A chronic respiratory problem has also been seen in this pregnant condition. And bronchial asthma at this time is very much common. Although this does not cause any such effect in the baby residing in the mother’s womb.

The medications

For respiratory problem doctors suggest to follow the medications properly as it is curable in most of the case and the medication also, in general, does not cause any such side effect in the mother as well as in the baby.

Doses of the medicine

In most of the cases,medicine for respiratory disorder in pregnancy is the same for the people in normal condition facing the same respiratory problem. Although the dose differ.
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