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How is hairfall and menopause interconnected?

Menopause is a very tough time for a woman. Everything in life becomes a botheration for her once menopause kicks in. There are hot flashes, there is a considerable amount of irritation at everything and last but not the least, there is a large amount of hairfall.

When this happens it's really heart breaking because for most women, hair is a very important part of their entire existence. Even though they may be harsh towards the hair on every part of their body, the hair on their head is like a voluminous crown which they love to wear with pride and adoration. Every step of a woman's life has something or the other to do with her hair.

Should I comb my hair now or before I leave for office? Should I shampoo my hair tonight or tomorrow morning? Should I go for a hairspa or postpone it to next month? Can I use a dry dandruff shampoo or should I stick with my old shampoo? Should I trim my hair or get a full blown haircut? Should I sit and dry my hair under the fan or risk using that hairdryer again? Can I go with my hair white in some places for a few more days or should I dye it immediately?

When a woman questions everything about her hair so much, it's understandable how much she loves and cares for it. When menopause hits a woman, hairfall becomes very common. Around 40 percent of the women who have been surveyed, reported that they experienced some hairfall after the menopause.

Once there is hair thinning and hair loss after menopause, be prepared because there will be nothing much you can do about it. However there can be various other reasons behind the hair loss as well. They are:

  • Age: Once a woman starts growing old, there will be a considerable amount of hairfall, till the hair starts thinning and there is almost little to no hair on the head.
  • Genes: If your family has a history of thin hair or a considerable amount of hairfall then it is very likely that you will face the same thing.
  • Stress: Stress is very natural when you're an adult. Menopause accompanied by high levels of stress can lead to a tremendous amount of hairfall.
  • Iron deficiency: For hair to grow into a thick luscious mane, it is always propagated that you include a lot of minerals in your diet like fortified cereals etc. Lack of minerals, especially iron, can lead to hair fall.
  • Dieting: Women who become bloated after menopause believe that dieting will solve both their hair and weight problems. However this is far away from the truth. Dieting infact rids a person's body of certain nutrients and vitamins which causes the hair to become limp and thin. Limp hair is also associated with dandruff. So to cure it, it is essential that you use a dandruff removal shampoo.
  • Medication: There are a lot medicines available in the market. Most medicines for various problems have side effects and one of the most common side effect for women is weakening of the hair follicles and hair fall.
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