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Essential Reminders After Undergoing Chiropractic Treatment

It is not an easy decision to undergo a chiropractic adjustment. You might not be familiar with this technique, but you still give it a try. Once the procedure is over, it does not mean you can do whatever you want. There is post-treatment information you need to remember to ensure that you will be gradually on your path to recovery.

Rise from your side

Once the chiropractic procedure is over, you need to rise from the adjusting table. Your body is still fragile at that point, so you need to be extra careful. When moving up, you need to rise from your side. Quickly sitting up could destabilise your joints, especially in the pelvic area. Avoid rubbing or poking the adjusted area as it could have a negative impact.

Comply with the visiting requirements

After the first adjustment, you will need to undergo at least three more visits to ensure extensive care. If you are suffering from chronic pain, one visit to the chiropractor is not enough. You need to comply with the requirement and clear your schedule if possible.

Don’t take meds for muscle soreness

It is normal to experience some pain for the first two days after the treatment. Your muscles are still undergoing adjustments. Taking a nice hot shower or sitting in a sauna could help treat the temporary pain. Don't take meds to alleviate the pain.

Choose the right pillow

You need to change your pillow to sleep well after the treatment. The pillow must be of appropriate thickness. Don’t lie on your side if possible. If you do, use a pillow to support your head and neck. If lying on your back, the pillow needs to be under the head and neck. Don’t include your shoulders. You may also change your mattress. Find one that is firmer, and it should neither be too hard nor too soft.

Exercise well

Part of the healing process is getting enough exercise. Of course, you can’t go through strenuous physical activities and exercises. Brisk walking for about 45 minutes each day will suffice. Your blood flow towards the muscles will be better, and it will help heal you faster. If you have other exercise techniques, consult with your doctor first to ensure they are safe.

Avoid travelling

Since you are still undergoing treatment, avoid travelling for a while. If you need to, make sure that you bring the right pillow with you. On a long plane ride, you need a horseshoe neck pillow to support your neck. The thickness needs to be appropriate, so your forehead is at the same level with your chin. Don't stress out during the trip, and avoid extreme adventure.

Going through chiropractic adjustment is tough, but it is one of the best ways to recover from chronic pain. You can contact a Cirencester chiropractor if you are in the area and start your recovery now. You also need to stay disciplined after the adjustment to avoid going through the pain again. 
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