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Checklistfor Preventing Alzheimer’s: Everything You Needed to Know

Alzheimer’s is a common disease in elderly adults where they tend to forget recent incidents. As old age sets in, the cells of the brain degenerateand new ones do not develop. Moreover, two types of proteins accumulate in the brain namely tangles (tau) and plaques (amyloid-beta). This condition affects the normal functioning of the brain which even leads to death.

However, there are certain foods which delay the onset of this disease. Doctors recommend these as the best foods for Alzheimer’s that include berries, walnuts, sea fish like salmon, and other nutritious diets.

Other than eating healthy you can try some of the following methods which can ward off this disease. Read on to know more.


Regular exercise prevents the development of Alzheimer’s or reduces its progression. One should spare 30 minutes for exercise which will keep your brain active. Swimming, walking, or moderate workouts that can build muscle mass will be enough to keep your risk of Alzheimer’s to reduce. Also, do not forget to safeguard your brain from an injury since it is also a factor that could be a reason for this disease to set in.

Engage socially

Participating in social activities will keep your brain healthy so maintaining a strong social group is necessary. The more you interact with people, the less likely your brain is to suffer from diseases like Alzheimer’s. So, what you can do is listed down below –

·       Make new connections
·       Be a volunteer
·       Participate in group activities
·       Make friendship with the neighbours
·       Be a member of a club, etc.

Mental games

There are many ways to keep your brain active and boost it for better functioning. Learning new languages or taking training for the new course you have been thinking of can speed up your thought process. Moreover, there are numerous games which can stimulate your brain,for instance, Rubik’s cube, puzzle, Sudoku, etc. The more you do this, the more you are giving your brain a chance to take up challenges.

Other than this, you can also learn the favourite instruments you have been long dreaming of. All these practices will keep your brain active and thereby keep the Alzheimer’s at bay.

Keep the stress away

Stress is one of the significant factors behind the shrinkage of your memory as it hinders nerve cell growth. So, you need to find a way out of managing stress. To deal with this problem, start with some basic practices that include deep breathing. Apart from this, join relaxing activities, take vacations, visit a spa, etc. which are good for keeping your brain rested and function normally.

Proper sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary for keeping your brain healthy. Researches have revealed that the chance of Alzheimer’s is pretty high among people suffering from insomnia and sleeplessness. So, be smart about your daily sleeping schedule as this would enhance the risk of this disease.

Apart from that, you should also take the best foods for Alzheimer’s prevention as mentioned earlier. Following all these methods will surely check its onset.
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