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Laser Facelift: Why you should get one

 Laser Facelift can tighten the skin make you look younger – with less wrinkles without the scalpel and the stitches. But some are still wary about the process of laser facelift. Let us demystify facelift by discussing its benefits and disadvantages.
In the past, having face rejuvenation means drastic surgery, endless months of healing, and poor results. But thanks to modern technology, we now have the access to better and more advantageous treatment that can help us get the skin that we need and love.

Laser facelift: What is it?

Laser skin tightening is a non invasive, non-surgical process that laser to tighten skin by heating the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing the skin to contract (tighten). Facial skin tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment. There is also no downtime. Which means the patient can easily feel the pay off of the surgery right after he or she experiences it.

Additional face lift occurs over the next few months, but optimal results usually require two or three treatments about a month apart and it is also based on the current condition of the patient. It is also FDA approved because it can improve skin condition and eliminate unwanted factors.

Advantages of laser facelift:

Non surgical

The most popular reason why laser facelift is a hit is because of its non surgical factors. It is now possible for people to get the face that they want without the pain and risk of surgery. Non surgery means they no longer have to wait for the time to heal. It also means that patients will no longer suffer possible scars.

No recovery time

As mentioned, one advantage to using laser technology is the amount of time required for recovery. Most laser treatments are non-invasive and require little or no downtime, whereas a traditional facelift would necessitate taking 10 days to 2 weeks off of work. You can enjoy your brand new skin right away! No need to wait anymore.

Cost effective

Laser facelifts are also cheaper than traditional facelifts. Traditional facelift requires you to buy anesthesia and other medications because these procedures are usually surgery based. But since laser treatments are non surgery based, you can already enjoy the younger looking skin in time.

Growth of new collagen

Laser facelift also allows the growth of new collagen that may bring the absorption of other collagens from nearby areas. With the regeneration of natural collagen, laser skin tightening patients immediately begin to notice smoother, softer skin and a more youthful appearance. The effects continue to improve over the next few months following laser skin tightening treatment, as the skin's natural stores of collagen are gradually replenished. It will definitely make your skin look younger and brand new – minus the added procedures.

It’s not painful

Many people fear that facelift procedures are painful. Traditional ones may indeed hurt but modern facelifts simply begs to differ. A laser facelift, for example, will not experience pain because the trusted dermatologist will put a cooling anesthesia cream over the face before the procedure starts. It is only common to feel a mild, tingly, sensation that might have been caused by the laser. Any discomfort that the patient feels should be resolved within minutes of session.

Anyone can get a laser treatment

Laser facelift is for men and women who want to experience a flawless and instant change in their skin. It is perfect for those who are already experiencing sagging skin and wrinkles. Anyone deserves a treat and become youthful again. Choose a treatment that can promise you this.

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