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How You Can Have a Beautiful Wedding While Staying In Your Budget

Weddings are getting more and more abundantly expensive every single year. Here are some ideas to help bring your budget down to affordable, while still having a beautiful dream wedding.

Draw Up a Budget and Stick to It 

Before spending any money, plan all your expenses carefully and then stick to the plan as close as possible.

Hire a Dress and Tuxedo

You are not going to use these clothes repeatedly and a wedding dress in your closet is just taking up space. Hiring these items will save you money. 

Jewelry and Accessories Do Not Have to Cost A Small Fortune 

Rather opt for affordable engagement rings than starting your wedded life in debt. There is no reason to buy the most expensive jewelry and accessories on the market for your wedding day.
Search for shoes and jewelry that you will wear again after the wedding. You are paying money for new items, but not for wearing them once.
There is no shame in borrowing a necklace or bracelet from your mother or grandmother. Think about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

The Bridal Party 

Deciding who is standing next to you and the groom on your special day can be a tough decision. Some brides are so overwhelmed by this choice that they end up with a whole line-up of bridesmaids. Just keep in mind that bridesmaids and groomsmen are part of your budget and the more you have, the more expensive your wedding becomes. 

Do it Yourself

Every detail of your wedding that you do not have to pay someone for is saving you money. If you are creative, design your own invitations. If your sister can decorate the flowers, let her help. Maybe the groom is skilled in woodworking and can make a thank you gift for your guests. Before hiring someone, try doing it yourself, it is usually much cheaper.

Pinterest and YouTube can go a long way in assisting you with DIY ideas and methods.

Do Your Research 

Compare the prices of various photographers, or venues, or caterers. Do not just accept the first quotation that comes your way. If you search thoroughly and talk to people before making a final decision you might get a better deal somewhere along the line.

When you find a photographer or caterer that is cheaper than many others, you can always ask for a portfolio or samples to verify that you are satisfied with the quality.

Think About an Alternative Wedding Venue

One of the biggest costs of having a wedding is the venue hire. Having a garden or beach wedding is a good way to trim down the cost of the wedding. If you have some helping hands to set-up and take down the decorations of course. 

Repetition is Not Key

Unless you send out paperless wedding invitations, it is costly to send out a save-the-date, then a wedding invitation, then an RSVP card, then the next one. Stick to one wedding invitation, send it out timeously and preferably electronically with a reminder to RSVP.

Having a high tea and a bachelorette and a kitchen tea and a what-else party might seem like a good idea to get many gifts, but it is costing you and your guests.
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