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How Waterpik Helps Treat Periodontal Disease

Waterpik is a breakthrough in dental flossing which allows you to perform in-depth flossing at home. It’s always said that Waterpik deal with the gum disease, more specifically, both prevent and treat it. The removes most plaque biofilm, deals with gingivitis, and prevent it to develop into periodontal disease. Waterpik becomes a practical home solution for periodontal disease. It is also the best solution for teeth with implants or braces.

Periodontal disease is the worst scenario in gum health which is developed due to untreated gingivitis. A periodontal disease could be followed with bleeding as well as severe inflammation and tooth loss. Based on the CDC’s study, periodontal disease is suffered by almost half of adult Americans. Flossing seems to be less favorite routine health care while the existing string floss might be considered less time-effective.

Periodontal dental occurs when bad bacteria’s infect the pockets between your gum tissue and tooth. This generates infections under the gum line and damages the existing bones and tissue. This will generate severe inflammation of the gum pockets; it will take some time until it develops unbarred pains. More so, periodontal disease is usually related to inappropriate oral hygiene routines. Even though a person brushes and flosses (with string) his/her teeth every day, the procedure can reach the depth where the possible infections could take place. At this point, brushing and flossing indeed help you to clean most biofilms but doesn’t eliminate the periodontal disease risks.  

How does Waterpik treat Periodontal Disease?

Waterpik comes with a comprehensive solution for periodontal disease treatment. It offers the water flossing procedure which combines the power pulsations and water pressures to remove the bacteria and bad microorganisms from your gum. It can clean deeper than brushes and flossing can reach. Waterpik can reach the depth of gum where the possible infections can develop. Waterpik will do a great job in deep cleaning which prevents bacteria infecting your gums as well as prevent the gingivitis to develop into the persistent periodontal disease. Waterpik works by penetrating unreachable spots in the gum pockets and remove all the debris, bacteria, biofilm plaques, toxins, and so forth. It generates a total clean for your mouth, eliminates all the risks of the periodontal diseases as well as treats the existing periodontal diseases.

When you’re dealing with bacteria, the water might not be enough; a liquid antiseptic could be the fuel in your Waterpik tank especially when the periodontal disease has developed. The Waterpik will stream this antiseptic deeply to the gum pockets and kill all the bacteria which cause the periodontal disease. Gargling with antiseptic can’t bring the substances to the infections depth make it less effective for the developed periodontal disease.


Waterpik is an upstream-to-downstream solution to treat the periodontal disease at home. Waterpik both prevents and treats the periodontal disease by streaming water or antiseptic substances to the gum pockets and remove/kill the bacteria. It works as the addition to brushing and flossing. When it’s routinely applied, Waterpik can promote a more comprehensive mouth health for sure. Above all, Waterpik is either medically proven or recommended by most dentists.
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