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How to Search for the Right Hernia Surgeon

Selecting a hernia surgeon is the first step before going for surgery. You should consider a surgeon with the right qualifications. This will determine the rate of success of the surgery and also ensure they are the right surgeon for you. Because there are multiple hernia surgeons, it is important to consider the best.


Once you are diagnosed with a hernia, you could ask for referrals from your doctor. Since they understand the nature of your hernia better, they are best for recommendations. They can determine the surgeon who is capable of repairing the hernia. In their years of practice, they have encountered multiple hernia surgeons. Therefore, it is much easier for them to determine the best doctor for your case.

Qualifications and credentials

It is also very important to ensure your hernia surgeon is fully accredited. This is by the doctor’s association. Ask for their certifications to clarify this. When they are certified, it means they are capable of performing a successful hernia surgery. Ensure they are also qualified, in their field of study.


It is much easier to trust a hernia surgeon who has been practising for a long time. The longer they have been performing surgeries, the more expert they will be in this field. In case of a complication, you can be assured they are skilled in how to handle it. Hernias also have a risk of reoccurring. With a doctor who is experienced, there is no need to worry about this. Ask how long they have been practising at the time of your search.

Knowledge about surgery options

Hernia surgery involves two types of surgeries: open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. When searching for a surgeon, ensure they are conversant with both surgeries. Your doctor may recommend either of them. The laparoscopic surgery requires the right equipment to complete the surgery. Ensure they also have the right facilities for the surgery.

Location of the surgeon

Some surgeons are located abroad. This is a disadvantage, as you will have the additional costs of travelling. At times your insurance may not cover this. This is unlike searching for a hernia surgery in Surrey or near where you live. This also affects the return, as it is not allowed for you to travel immediately after the surgery. The additional stay in the hospital may cause additional charges.

Confirm availability

Do not assume that a surgeon will be available immediately. Confirm by asking and booking an appointment. If it is a matter of urgency, get a booking right away from your preferred surgeon.

Recovery after hernia surgery requires a short time. After the surgery, have an arrangement for transport from the hospital. You will not be allowed to drive or do difficult tasks. You may also need someone to stay with for a few days before your surgeon allows any activities.

Avoid smoking, or drinking alcohol, as this will slow down your recovery.  Avoid taking a shower after open hernia surgery. Take the medication prescribed after the surgery. In case of anything alarming, visit the doctor immediately.
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