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Here’s why you should consider using all-natural skin-care products

The multi-million-dollar natural skin care movement is increasing year by year. Every day more of us seek to get away from dangerous ingredients to find that natural skincare actually works so much better, who would be surprised that even Forbes calls it the next big growth industry.

Natural products have been developed for hundreds if not thousands of years. Despite their high cost consumers can see that their benefits outweigh the risks of conventional products such as cancers and other serious health issues. The ingredients for natural products are usually found in the extracts of safe plants or herbs with nutrients that are vital to our skin.

Based on a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, our skin absorbs an average of 64 % of liquids that it comes in contact with. If these liquids include harsh chemicals then your skin will let them enter your body where they spread out and cause illnesses of time. On the other hand, natural and organic skin care does the opposite: it provides your body with vitamins, antioxidants, proteins etc. that are so vital for your health.

If you want to get healthy skin then here’s a tip: try products that do not contain any dangerous substances, but only natural ingredients that have been found to be safe for your skin. There are many brands out there to choose from, but you should never trust their marketing claims without reading their ingredient list first. A good brand that deserves your trust is Sunshine Organics. Check out their ingredients. You’ll love them.

Another area that is often overlooked is cleaning products. Even if you get the best natural personal care products for your skin you will still get exposed to numerous toxic chemicals if you continue to use conventional household cleaning products at home. A vital product to watch out for is dish soap. Pretty much all formulas include ingredients that have been classified as toxic by the Environmental Working Group. These are substances that you should keep away from your skin, your dishes, and your food. Better find a natural dishwashing soap that is 100% safe to protect yourself and your family. If you want to learn more just watch this quick video and read this post on safe dish soap.

Cosmetic-lovers based within the US should be especially on their guard when it comes to beauty products. Based on the findings of, in the European Union 1,328 chemicals used in the cosmetic industry have been banned. By comparison, in the United States a mere 11 chemicals have been prohibited in the industry. If you can’t believe the difference, you’re not alone. Nevertheless, it is true. Such lax regulations are prone to open the doors for manufacturers to poison your skin on a daily basis.

Natural ingredients need to be tested as well, but ones they have been found to be safe and have been recommended for use in the beauty industry, they are your better choice in comparison to their chemical counterparts.
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