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Commonly Used Terms in Yoga, Melbourne Beginners May Need to Know

One of the most overwhelming aspects of taking up a new hobby is getting to grips with the terminology. This can make many people feel anxious about visiting Melbourne yoga studios. So, to ease your nerves about taking up this fantastic activity, we have some commonly used terms in yoga, Melbourne beginners may need to know.


This quite literally means Bliss, so you can expect to start feeling Ananda during your first class.


This is pronounced Ah-sah-nas and translates as the word “seat.” In a yoga practice, this is what physical postures are called.


You may have heard the word Chakra before, particularly in alternative medicine. Chakras are vortices of energy in the subtle plane of existence. We have seven primary chakras on the body that follow the spinal column from the pelvis all the way to the top of the head. Each chakra assists in governing various aspects of our lives.


This is the universal law that constantly guides us to align with our highest self and our purpose in life.


This translates to “Point of Focus,” and in meditation or pranayama or asana yoga, it refers to where you need to focus your eyes during practice.


Many people visualise meditation as something only gurus can accomplish. In fact, it is simply the practice of concentrating completely. Meditation is an important element of practicing yoga, but don’t let this worry you. Once you start practicing the movements and breathing techniques, you’ll find yourself naturally meditating.


Pronounced na-mah-stay, it is a Hindu salutation that means “ I bow to you.” It is used to close yoga classes and is offered as an honorable expression.


This is a universal sound that breaks down into three syllables. Each syllable represents a specific function. The “ah” is to represent creation, “ooo” is a representation of preservation and the “mmm” is for transformation.


This is the control of life force energy through the use of breathing techniques.


This is the first of the 8 limbs of Pantanjali, and the observances are made to conduct ourselves in a more peaceful life within society. These observances include truthfulness, non violence, avoiding collecting material item, non stealing, and moderation of action.


This means to unite or join and the word is used to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, yoga is meant to unite the individual and the universe.

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