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The Value of Toilet Training to a Child's Health

Toilet training is one of the disciplines a parent may teach his child at a young age. It should,  however, not be forced. The elder should look for the signs his child is ready to potty train to make the experience enjoyable for both the youngster and his parent.

Walk the talk

A child at age two to three years old can already articulate the need to go to the comfort room. Encourage him to use the potty instead of soiling or wetting his nappy. Do this by showing him how to use the toilet every morning, before going to bed, and during bath time. Show the step-by-step way how to remove his pants to standing upright in front of his potty. For this kind of approach, high level of patience is encouraged.   

Make it fun

Kids love to play. Make every trip to the comfort room seems like a fun activity to do. After each successful morning habit, let your little one use the Brondell Swash. He will surely love the sensation of the bidet sprayer and will always look forward to using it after his every pee and poo.

Commit to train

In potty training a toddler, you need to prepare yourself, too. You should devote time to your baby's toilet training. It isn't something you decide to do today only to forget about in the coming days. 

Use codes or phrases

If your toddler finds it challenging to utter in complete sentences, teach him the right words to use. "Pee" and "poo" are clear terms he can use to communicate the need to use the toilet. 

It would help, too, if you dress your tot in clothes that are easy to remove and pull in cases he needs to go to the comfort room alone.

Offer praises

Whenever your child successfully used the potty, give him a high five or thumbs up. If he unintentionally soiled his diaper or nappy, do not threaten or punish him. Give support and encouragement instead.

Value of Toilet Training to a Child's Health

Toilet training is a family affair.  Encourage your family members to give daily attention to your little one. Your toddler is more likely to show eagerness to learn when his family is giving him the time and affection. 

The most prudent way to promote the use of a potty to a toddler is to let him know its advantages. Emphasize its health benefits. Tell him that it is more comfortable to move with clean underwear or diaper.  He will not also wake up irritated because of wet underwear or even a damp mattress.  Stress out, too, he will no longer suffer from skin irritation because he has no soggy diaper to deal with. Mention to him also that he can clean himself better whenever he uses the toilet. Another possible encouragement is to let him know that he is growing up as a responsible and healthy big child just like his parents and older siblings because he can now take care of himself.  

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