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The causes of skin cellulite and treatment

Cellulite is the skin condition whereby fat deposits push towards the connective tissues below the skin. It mostly occurs are the thighs and buttocks area. It is a common disorder that is currently affecting nearly 80 to 90% of women all over the world.

The Causes Cellulite

Cellulite can either result from physiological or hormonal factors. It mostly occurs during the interaction within dermatological layer connective tissues in the skin and the fat layer beneath it. The cellulite effects make the skin appear lumpy and dimpled.

Even though it impacts both genders, women are mostly affected compared to men. It is because of the crisscross tissues in men while on women they are arranged vertically, hence make cellulite more visible.

In contrary to the belief of most individuals, overweight individuals are not prone to cellulite. It can also affect average weight individuals. In fact, in some cases, underweight women can suffer from cellulite condition while other factors involved besides the physiological aspects.

A cellulite guide diet

If you want to know what food causes cellulite, one of the main cause is a poor nutrition. If you overdosed with refined and processed foods, most likely you will suffer cellulite. The skin normally serves the biggest detoxification organ inside the body and whatever is consumed gives its effects on the skin.

Types of foods that cause cellulite

The following are food you should avoid especially when are suffering from cellulite skin condition.
  • Refines sugar and flours
  • Artificial additive foods
  • Fried foods
  • Synthetic sweeteners
  • Excess salt
Food that prevents cellulite

The following are some of the staples to store in your fridge for skin treatment from cellulite effects:
  • Tomatoes; It comprises lycopene that helps in breaking down the collagen that enhances the skin appearance.
  • Oily fish; It is rich amino-acid that greatly help in producing elastin and collagen. The mineral is important on the skin since it makes the skin look younger and firm.
  • Spinach; It consists of anti-inflammatory components that assist in fighting cellulite.
  • Blueberries- It is rich in anthocyanins and Vitamin C that encourage dimple-free skin.
  • Watermelon; comprise 92 percent of water, hence makes it the ideal food to consume besides lots of waters.
Cellulite treatment

Once you’ve already known what food causes cellulite, there are several means you can use to cure cellulite, including both invasive and non-invasive medication. However, it is not that easy to eliminate cellulite. It can even become so irritating that you can even attempt to use several pills or surgery. Most women go for crash diets simply to become hopeless due to lack of positive results.


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