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How Sulbutiamine Works on Your Cognitive Performance?

Sulbutiamine is an enhanced version of Vitamin B1 and it has many benefits when it comes to the enhancement of our cognitive functions. It is the synthetic version of thiamine and according to research; it has many positive effects on memory, depression, shyness, fatigue, and even erectile dysfunction.

Sulbutiamine is often used as a nootropic and it is one of the most important components in a nootropic stack.  Sulbutiamine nootropic can be bought from your nearby drugstore as well as from online vendors. Sulbutiamine was discovered by Japanese scientists while they were trying to find a way to increase the absorption of Vitamin B1.

Thiamine itself is very much involved in determining the level of your cognitive abilities but it has lower absorption rate. Sulbutiamine solves this issue because it is soluble in lipids so that the nutrient gets absorbed into the blood easily and faster. Due to this transformation of Sulbutiamine, it can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Crossing the blood-brain barrier gives Sulbutiamine the ability to interact better with the nervous system and help in the improvement of cognition. This is vital because if the supplement that you’re using cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, it cannot really deliver the results that you’re expecting in terms of cognitive enhancement.

So, how does it exactly work? When you consume Sulbutiamine capsules, your intestines absorb it and it enters your bloodstream. The blood takes it to the brain tissues where it crosses the blood-brain barrier. Once it enters the brain tissue it is broken down into Vitamin B1 and a few other components that are closely related to it. According to tests conducted, it was found that Sulbutiamine can deliver more thiamine to the brain than the same amount of thiamine directly taken. This is why Sulbutiamine is called the enhanced precursor of thiamine.

Sulbutiamine is said to influence dopamine, a hormone that has a vital role to play when it comes to our sensations related to pleasure, focusing on something, and reward learning function. Sulbutiamine helps in increasing the density of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain which enhances your focus and improves your cognition.

This explains why Sulbutiamine works well when it comes to issues related to mood, shyness, and lagging cognition. The major benefits that Sulbutiamine offers are memory, learning ability, decision-making, synaptic plasticity, problem-solving, and planning skills.

One of the major reasons for Sulbutiamine’s effectiveness is due to its ability to modulate glutamate, a neurotransmitter. Glutamate is responsible for initiation of activity in the brain and to a great extent the improvement of cognition.

There are evidence of Sulbutiamine helping in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Even though the studies in the area are limited, there is evidence that also suggests that Sulbutiamine may help in treating schizophrenia. It is found that Sulbutiamine works better when it is paired with Noopept or Aniracetam.

Another very important benefit of Sulbutiamine is its ability to improve the communication between the neurons and the brain. When there is better communication between the neurons and the brain, the nervous system will be able to work more efficiently and the cognitive abilities are enhanced. In addition, improved communication in this context will help you feel that your thoughts are faster and fluid.

You can also expect improvement in reflexes, attention, and mental alertness. Sulbutiamine helps in keeping you energetic throughout the day and it helps in curing mental fatigue. Studies suggest that Sulbutiamine can also be used to treat asthenia, which is a chronic mental fatigue.
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