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A Brief Insight About The European Health Insurance Card

There is ongoing confusion about E111. It is European Health Insurance Card or EHIC that was previously known as E111. With the card, you will get access to the healthcare provided by the stay while you will stay in EEA or European Economic Area and Switzerland. You will be covered with proper medical treatment which also includes long term and pre-existing illness like kidney dialysis.


E111 is valid for five years. You can renew it six months before the expiry date. You can also do the needful after the expiry date.

  • Free or decreased cost for the medical treatment conducted by the healthcare providers
  • Medical treatment needed during the stay due to sickness, accident and long term and pre-existing chronic illness
  • Provision of renal dialysis, oxygen, and routine medical care
  • Routine maternity care (with the condition that the cause of your visit is not childbirth)
  • You will be treated similarly to the visiting country’s resident
  • You have to pay co-payment or patient contribution
You may have to look for reimbursement for co-payment when you are back in the UK in case you are not fitted for doing it in any other country.


E111 or EHIC is applicable for children. Parents and guardians have to apply for their kids under 16 years when they are applying for their card.

Application procedure

You can apply for E111 or EHIC through an online application form available on the NHS Choices Website or by post. No charge is taken for the application. It is supposed to arrive within seven days of the application.

Any change on E111 (EHIC) in case the UK leaves the EU

Following June 2016 referendum, there is no announcement of any change related to the EHIC owing to the UK’s departs from the EU. The report says that EHIC will stop to be valid from the day when the UK officially leaves the European Union.

Risk of applying for EHIC through the agent

There are many unofficial sites that charge approximately £35 for the application of the free card. The sites usually operate without the department of health’s approval. The only provider of the card is NHSBSA. As per the law, all the unofficial sites that offer EHIC services should carry a precise disclaimer that they are not affiliated to NHSBSA or a site of it. It’s not safe to apply for the card through the agent.

Aspects that are not covered by the EHIC (formerly E111)
  • EHIC is never a replacement or an alternative to private travel insurance. You have to take a proper privacy policy as an additional factor to the carrying of the EHIC.
  • The card doesn’t cover the finance required for returning to the UK.
  • No private healthcare services and the associated costs are covered by it, mainly the services that do not belong to the state healthcare system.
  • In some regions, EHIC is not used due to the absence of state provided healthcare.
  • Visit to abroad for availing treatment including childbirth is not covered by EHIC.

You should be over 16 years as the chief applicant.

You have to deposit:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number or NHS
Finally, ordinary residents of the UK are eligible for EHIC. It will not be an issue for people who are moving overseas. Not every inhabitant of the UK is covered in Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.
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