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Safety Precautions for Strength Training

Lifting weights is essential to add more strength to the body. It can be thought of as the stone against which we grind the blade. The only thing to remember here is that we are not made of steel and that we can suffer damage unlike many blades.
Regardless of why you decide to lift weights, whether it is for sports, competition or just general fitness, lifting it in a wrong way can do you more harm than good. So, it is necessary to follow certain precautions when lifting heavy weights in a gym:

The road to better health
The form in which your body is at the moment plays a very crucial role in the roadmap to fitness ahead. Your present fitness determines what weights are appropriate for you and which simply aren’t.
Before you set off on the treacherous path of fitness, it’s actually very important to have a fair clue of what your body is capable of and what it isn’t. It is worth noting that our ultimate objective is to become fitter and healthier.

Your Gym Soul mate: Instructor
Your instructor can play a make-or-break role in your fitness. A gym instructor is nothing but a mentor for a very personal cause. Would you ever enroll in a class where the professor is not good enough to teach you anything valuable?
Pink Floyd did make a song for professors who couldn’t teach well, but for horrible instructors, we guess there is none. Even if there were, we’re quite sure the metalheads would be covering that.
Choosing the right personal trainer for yourself is the first step that you should take when training for strength. They can help you devise the right strategy and also help you decide according to your physique, what should be your next step.
Only the right instructor can teach you how to do the exercises in the right way. In the world of fitness, it’s popularly believed that the best way to avoid injuries is to make use of the right techniques and your instructor gives you exactly that.

Patience is the Key
Most teenagers in the quest to become better and hotter tend to hit the gym at an age when they should be out on the ground playing sports. Our bodies need to reach a certain level of maturity in order to be able to support the act of lifting weights.
Lifting weights at a premature age can have many side effects that can also swing to certain extremes. Therefore, it is advisable that a person should attempt major lifts only when they attain the age of 16.
The major lifts that should be attempted after becoming physically mature include those performed with barbells, power clean, squat, snatch, clean and jerk and also those performed on the bench. In order to perform these exercises it is necessary to make use of appropriate techniques, as using the wrong ones can inflict damage.

Cooling Down
Every person entering the gym wants to be a machine. Sometimes, we turn so impatient to build a good physique that we end up hurting it. Just like it is important to warm up, cooling down should be an equally important priority.
Warming up ensures that sufficient blood flows through our veins and heats them enough to make way for more. Cooling down on the other hand ensures that you have cooled down sufficiently to get heated up again. It is a cycle that you must follow in order to reap the proper benefits of strength training.

Ø  Ensure that your back is straight when lifting weights.
Ø  Make use of the right techniques.
Ø  Wear shoes that provide comfortable grip and good traction.
Ø  There is no fault with the equipment.

Ø  A person shouldn’t hyperventilate when training. Breathing improperly can cause you to faint or lose control of the weights in your hand. It is best to breathe out when lifting weights.
Ø  If you experience persistent pain in any part of your body, take proper advice and rest before you hit the gym again.
Ø  Don’t subject any part of your body to intense workout for more than three times in a week.
Ø  Don’t give into temptation and lift heavier weights unless advised.

Questions your Doctor can Answer
Ø  Which activities are suitable for your body type?
Ø  Are you healthy enough to start a high intensity workout regime?
Ø  If you’re presently on medication, what sort of training is appropriate?
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