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Omnimax S4 Anti-Aging Equipment

Multi-use technology 

Using new equipment can be a hassle, since each usage has to be learned for each treatment the equipment provides. With a multi-use piece of equipment, the customer expects a learning curve that will be fraught with difficulties. Not so!

New equipment can provide user-friendly techniques; pre-set systems can help the provider achieve excellent service for every technique. Having a user-friendly multi-use piece of equipment is the first step in outstanding results.

Great results for any type of office:

Whether the machine is purchased by a new company or an established practice that is upgrading technology or expanding practice, having a machine that is multi-functional is a definite benefit to attain. It’s exciting to be able to offer each new client a wide variety of usages with this new equipment to achieve results with one technique or multiple techniques. New customers find the huge benefits of having a multi-use machine in their practice promises an excellent result. The treatments provided are all-encompassing on the same equipment, making the financial results a positive experience with their investment.

More results with less hassle:

The new multi-use machinery can be used for many different types of procedures. Here are some examples:

1.    Radio Frequency technology - the treatment provided will include back, neck, or joint pain.
2.    Intense Pulsed Light - multiple types of light configurations have a more versatile technology for different needs, such as body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and firming of the skin.
3.    Infrared therapy - this includes the application of infrared wavelengths for body contouring, and skin firming and rejuvenation.
4.    Laser technology - this is a procedure used for hair removal, skin blemishes and scars, wrinkles, and tooth whitening.

Safety first:

An attitude of safety for patients and practitioners is a serious concern. Consultation with experts in a wide range of fields will provide reassurances that this kind of equipment is safe and effective to meet every patient’s needs. When you are assured that the techniques provided are safe for the patient, you know you have the key to success. Knowing that each health provider will have an efficient and long-lasting product is icing on the cake.

Equipment that pays for itself:

Each practitioner gets excellent results from this high-quality investment. The equipment will pay for itself quickly, and since it is long lasting, the investment ensures the practitioner will be confident in the results they are able to achieve with this type of technology. It’s necessary in today’s market to have as many procedures as possible to be able to stay competitive and continue to grow more flexible within the field of medical and cosmetic technology.
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